Monday, April 22, 2013

Painting The Bathroom..

Of course during my week off my parents decided to repaint several areas in my house... fun fun!

One of the areas was my bathroom, which desperately needed a fresh coat of paint. This also meant that despite deep cleaning the bathroom earlier this year, it was time to once again take everything out of the bathroom and clean everything! Knowing that even the walls and ceiling were scrubbed made the bathroom just seem even cleaner. I knew that everything that went back into that room needed to be scrubbed and sanitized. 

My dad taped the entire room and I helped him remove everything. Then my mom washed the walls, my dad sanded and painted...

Then it was time for me to put the room back together....

Before I placed ANYTHING back in the bathroom, I scrubbed down the entire bathtub, toilet, and sink area. I cleaned the floor, mirror, and trash can.

The first thing I took back into the bathroom was all my shower products, it was nice to get those back inside!

As I cleaned and put items away, I watched a little bit of the most recent Dance Moms episode =)

Putting the shower curtain back in makes it feel a little more finished off..

I cleaned the light fixtures as well, scrubbing them down until every speck of dust was gone!

Placed pictures back on the wall, and products back on my brothers side of the counter.

The wicker cabinet above the toilet had to be screwed back into the wall, and I placed everything back inside and on the shelves.

I even learned how to reattach the towel racks and other bathroom hardware. I'm not sure if my dad taught me for future knowledge or just so he didn't have to reattach all of them =)

Nicely folded towels always make everything better =)

Thankful that project is over!

Have a great day everyone!

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