Thursday, April 4, 2013

Spring Cleaning Series: Donating Items

One of my favorite parts of spring cleaning is donating items. 

I previously shared how I donated a ton of old towels to our local animal hospital. It honestly filled me with joy knowing that donating something I don't use anymore can make such a big difference to someone else.

I have been collecting items to donate for quite a while now. A lot of times I find items for free while couponing that I have no use for but if I'm getting them for free (or making money off of them) it is worth it for me to get them and donate them to someone who needs them. I also receive a ton of free samples- some that I cannot use and donate those. 

I recently changed deodorants and I think I briefly touched upon it in a previous blog. My mom did some research and discovered that any deodorant that has aluminum in it can potentially cause breast cancer. Since we have a history of breast cancer in our family (my beloved grandma passed away due to it my senior year of high school), my mom was adamant about having me switch to a non-aluminum deodorant. I have been testing out several, but since deodorant often is free while couponing, I had a ton stockpiled and decided to donate it all.

I took everything from the above two pictures and placed inside a plastic shopping bag. When shopping at my local grocery store I dropped the bag in their food pantry bin so hopefully they were able to use everything I dropped off!

 I found some items in my closet to donate as well....

First I tried to sell all the clothing on ebay and did manage to sell a few items- but the ones that did not sell were all gathered together...

I took everything out and sorted it all. I ended up with one BIG pile of donations...

and one little pile of items to try to sell again...

I listed all my items to donate, bagged them up and then took them into the basement with the other items we have for donation.

What have you gathered to donate during spring cleaning?

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