Monday, May 20, 2013

Celebratory Weekend!

Happy Monday everyone!

This past weekend was absolutely fabulous- an amazing weekend all-around. It started off with finishing a crazy stressful week at work. Then I did some computer-work with my co-worker Doreen on Saturday night. We are getting ready for our dance group to travel to Disney World in July and still have a ton to do before the actual performance!

After we finished our work, we went out for chinese food with her husband Mike which was fun. We had a ton of great food and had a great time chatting away.

 "Do what you love and the necessary resources will follow", what a great fortune! I thought it meant we would win the powerball- but no such luck! =(

On Sunday I had a very busy day!

First, I got all dolled up...

and then I headed off to my co-worker and friend, Kayla's baby shower!

I had a great time at her baby shower, she opened a ton of gifts from family and friends and we played some fun games! I even won the baby word unscramble game! I'm a little competitive...

This little cutie had a great time helping unwrap gifts! Kids are so funny!

We played, guess how big mommys belly is, I was a little over in my calculations- but Kayla's boyfriend Mike under guessed by a ton! All the ladies couldn't stop giggling about that one =)

It was an amazing shower, very well planned out and it was super nice to spend the time with such great people.

After the baby shower, I headed to my friend Rachel's parents house for her younger sisters graduation party (got that?!).

In addition to celebrating her sisters graduation, we also celebrated Rachel's engagement and her birthday which was Saturday.

I still can't believe my best friend is engaged! It will be so much fun to be a part of their journey to the alter. Above, it my friend Brittni, Rachel, and I.  Brittni wants to perform Rachel's ceremony (any Friends fans out there?) and we keep making jokes about the hat she will wear (I'll wear it like this for the ceremony--and like this for party time!) and singing "who will perform the ceremony?" (Phoebe, anyone?). I'm thinking she'll be a bridesmaid however =)

Anyways- I am super excited about the amazing events happening all around me and I can't wait to meet the brand new little baby boy, Brayden Michael and to help plan an amazing wedding for Rachel and Ant.

I hope your weekends were just as spectacular!

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