Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Cleaning Up Outside

On Sunday, we spent a great deal of time cleaning up outside. There were still a few branches hanging around from the Hurricane we had here back in the fall, and also down branches from the huge snowstorm we had during the winter. My dad has a chipper (which ended up not working for long) so we were able to get rid of a bunch of the smaller branches- and clean up the front woods of our house. 

We still have a ton of work to do outside but it is definitely coming along quite nicely!

We have mulched and weeded all of the garden and they look so nice with the rich red mulch that my mom chose. We also have loaded all the logs into our truck and brought them closer to the house to use for fires. It is nice to see progress!

What have you been doing to clean up your yard this year? I will try to get some pictures of our gardens and other outdoor areas and post them in the next few weeks! =)

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