Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Latest Healthy Choices Update...

Lately I have been trying to make many healthy choices- I've been trying to exercise more frequently, trying to eat healthy and keep track of what I'm eating and putting into my body.

One of the biggest things that has been helping me so far is the Iphone app called MyFitnessPal. I have been keeping track of my food, water intake and exercise. I have a friend from work that is also using MyFitnessPal on her computer and we linked our accounts so we can cheer each other on! Having a friend who is checking up on my progress honestly motivates me to keep track of my food and exercise every day. I really like keeping track of my water intake as well so I know if I have had enough water each day.

Another app I have been using recently is called MapMyRun. I love that it keeps track of my runs and I can see exactly how far I've gone and how fast I've been able to do so.

I've also been loving workout DVDs lately. I've done Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred a handful of times...

I also recently purchased the Beach Babes DVD by Tone It Up, which I haven't tried yet but I will be watching/doing and doing a review on once I try it!

I've also been eating a ton of salads...

...and if I really am having a hard time getting motivated to exercise, I set up a new episode of whatever show I feel like watching and get walking on the treadmill!

Meanwhile, my friend Roxy isn't too interested in exercise...she prefers to sleep! =)

Last week I did my own "water cleanse" and didn't drink anything except water all week. No coffee, tea, soda etc... I was very hydrated. On one day I drank 12 cups of water! I ended the water cleanse on Saturday night while at dinner with friends, but only had one daiquiri at dinner, and then on Sunday I had a glass of white wine. I don't think it's bad to drink things other than water, but in moderation for sure. Speaking as a former soda addict- I feel so much healthier now that I don't drink soda all the time. Getting rid of the caffeine and sugar I ingested daily has changed my life for the better!

What healthy choices have you been making lately?

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