Thursday, May 9, 2013

My Stockpile Organization!

I'm going to warn you- my stockpile is nothing too fancy. I have simply tried to organize all my products by type in order to keep everything a bit more tidy.

I keep all of my stockpile inside of my closet. I am extremely blessed with a huge closet- I have room to spare which gives me the space to keep a variety of products on hand!

I keep all my tissues along the back of the above shelf. In the front I keep body wash (soap is hiding behind it)I also have makeup, vitamins, throat drops, and heat wraps.

On the next shelf down, I keep all my haircare inside the box you can see above. I have elastics, shampoo, conditioner, bobby pins, thermal spray, hair treatments, etc...
On the outside of the box, I have all my lotions that don't live in the bottom drawer of my jewelry armoire. These are my drugstore lotions and sample size lotions.

Sorry for the dark pictures, but it isn't exactly bright in my closet! =)

I keep laundry soap and extra paper hidden under the chair in my closet.

Under my purses is all household items, air fresheners, dish soap, and other household samples.

I keep all my shaving supplies in this pink bin- shaving gel and extra razors. Behind the shaving supplies is all my oral care. There are toothbrushes, floss, and toothpaste inside a bin, which I took a picture of but now I can't find! Nothing too interesting anyways =)

Other items I have jammed around here? Paper towels, toilet paper, more makeup and nailpolish, feminine care items, and other odds and ends.

Couponing has been such a provider over the past few months- I will never again pay full price for any of these items. I will never again make an online order without a coupon. I am prepared for whatever financial hardships come my way and I am so grateful for finding couponing.

Have you started couponing yet?

Check back tomorrow for my weekly couponing wrap-up....

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