Tuesday, May 28, 2013

The Great Gatsby and The Bachelorette

Hi everyone! You're seeing me a little late this week, I took yesterday off from the old blog to spend my day relaxing and turning into a lobster. Yes, I am so sunburnt- all over my arms and legs. Lovely. Overall it was a fantastic, relaxing weekend. I did some errands, saw a movie, did a few workouts, took a long walk, and read two entire books. Yes, I'm aware I'm nuts. Anyways, I wanted to jump on here and talk about the movie I saw this weekend The Great Gatsby.

I read The Great Gatsby back in high school, in either tenth or eleventh grade (I'm having a major brain fart about my teachers during those years and who taught this book to my class!). I remembered the basic story but a lot of the details were fuzzy. However as soon as I started watching the movie little details began to come back to me. I remembered having to write essay questions on the 'eyes of God' and the symbolism of Gatsby knocking over the clock when seeing Daisy again. More and more of the book started to come back to me. 

I have to say that the movie seemed very long-I got bored at points because it felt as if nothing was happening. I don't feel like the story was that slow moving when I read it. The make of the film was strange as well- if you know what I mean. I expected it to be more true to the 20s, not rap music and over the top amusement at parties. I think it could have been a little subdued.

I definitely won't be going out and purchasing this movie for my collection- but I am glad that I did go out and see it- the costuming was amazing and Leonardo DiCaprio is always a great actor and so good looking! =)

Did any of you out there watch the Bachelorette premiere last night? What a bunch of weirdos huh?! I am not a huge fan of Desiree anyways, she wasn't one of my favorites from Sean's season and then the whole thing with her brother happened and I kind of wrote her off. When she was announced as the next bachelorette I wasn't thrilled anyways, but now with all the weirdos that are on the show with her? Geez- I don't know how that will go. There were a few that seemed like normal, upstanding guys...but I  am not a huge fan so far!

I hope you all had a wonderful Memorial Day weekend and are enjoying the start of the short-work-week!

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