Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Fathers Day Celebrations

Fathers Day around here was a relaxed day with a few great guys to celebrate! 

I woke up early and gave my dad his gift (a Sears gift card, the WaxVac, and a few candy bars) and the two of us headed out to breakfast at a local restaurant, The Gentleman Farmer Diner. 

I had two delicious sides, white bread toast with butter and homefries. I love homefries, they might be my all time favorite food. =)

Looks yummy huh?

After breakfast with my dad, I had to head home to meet up with my mom and carpool to lunch! We we headed to CT to meet up with my papa, his girlfriend Vivian, both my uncles and two of my cousins. 

Before we got to the 99 for lunch, my mom and I had to stop in at Kohls to do a little shopping! I ended up with my first pair of running shoes (which I'm really excited about-you will definitely be hearing more about in the future), a candle, two new pairs of shorts, and three new tank tops. A little impulse shopping is good every once in awhile! 

Then it was off to the 99 Restaurant. I ordered a lunch portion of the broccoli chicken macaroni and cheese. It was delicious, but definitely a TON of calories. I didn't realize quite how much was in there and had to adjust my exercise plan and calorie count for the day...I will avoid ordering it in the future- it is absolutely DELICIOUS don't get me wrong, but way too many calories for one small meal...

After lunch, we did a few other errands and then came home where I worked on an organization project (coming up next...), and then did a little bit of running followed by a circuit workout. It felt good to get on the treadmill and run out all the excitement! 

Overall a great day! =)

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