Tuesday, June 4, 2013

New Page On This Old Blog

Hey everyone and happy Tuesday! 

As you may (or may not have) noticed there is a new page on the header of the blog! I have decided to start keeping track of my daily workouts here on the blog so I will feel more accountable to actually do them. =) 

I am a huge fan of Julie's blog, Http://www.pbfingers.com and she keeps a daily log of her workouts on her page. She hasn't been posting lately on that particular page and I have found myself missing it. I like seeing how many days a week she took off from working out and what kind of workouts she incorporated into her week. Since I don't belong to a gym, I am always looking for different ways to get my workouts in everyday. 

I thought that maybe someone out there would be interested in what workouts I've been doing and just knowing that someone might be checking in on me to make sure I completed workouts that week will make me want to workout. I hope.

I won't be updating that page every single day, but I will pop in from time to time updating a few days in one sitting, or perhaps a whole weeks worth of workouts at once- I'll have to see how it goes!

I'd love to hear what workouts you've been doing!

Yesterday, I did the HIIT the Beach workout from Tone It Up, and I can't begin to tell you how much I love that workouts. The circuit is perfect for me because the exercise changes every 15 seconds. I start to get bored when certain exercises seem to go on forever, 30 seconds is about all I can usually handle, so 15 seconds is amazing because I am not sick of the exercise I am doing and could continue it for awhile longer if I needed to!

Speaking of the Tone It Up girls, they are apparently going to be releasing a new Beach Babe DVD this month and I will definitely be buying it! I love their workout style and would love to have some more workouts to do! =)

If you haven't already, check out ToneItUp.com, trust me you could lose hours checking out all their workouts and fitness info- they are amazing! =)

Have a great day everybody!

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