Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Organizing My Life!

Have I mentioned that June is my busiest month of the year?

I'm not sure if I mentioned this previously, but I am dance teacher and gymnastics coach at a local studio and so June is the month where we have all of our end of the year shows- basically everything I work on from September- June is compiled into June, making me VERY stressed!

Basically my life gets extremely crazy in June, combining all my work commitments in with little errands I  have to complete for work, throw in friends birthdays, family time, and other important dates like fathers day and I'm done for! I thought I would briefly share two items that save my life during this busy time of the year, and if I'm being honest- all year long!

The first item that I love to death is VERY VERY simple, my to-do list.

I swear by using a to-do list and am constantly rewriting things and adding to my to-do lists all day long. After I snapped this picture I added eight more items to this list and I'm sure I will have more to write on there within the hour.
Sometimes I make smaller to-do lists organizing them by category- so I might have a work to do list, home to do list, errands to do list, etc...but since June is crazy as it is, I just compiled everything onto one list. 

I am toying with the idea of having a to-do notebook that I keep with me in my purse, but we will see how crazy I get.

The second item that saves my life on a daily basis is my planner...

I love this Lilly Pulitzer planner, it is perfect for me.

Here is what the monthly calendar looks like:

And a weekly look:

In this planner I write down everything that is time sensitive. I write down my work schedule, birthdays, special dates, appointments, plans I have with friends and family, etc...

For example you can see above, that my work schedule for this week is written, but I also have on Sunday that I have a recital to attend, and an appointment to get my haircut. This helps me keep track of where I need to be and when.

As the week goes on, I also like to write other information in, for example I have written my workout for Monday and the fact that I took Tuesday off from working out. I also have written in today that I have to go to Michaels craft store and need to run errands. I also plan on checking items off my to do list today so since I have a little more time this Wednesday I can get some items on my to-do list done.

I tend to get a little more in-depth on my weekly pages. The monthly calendar I only include specific appointments and timed information because I don't like to crowd that page more than it already is.

I also have been playing with the idea of highlighting items, that is what I always did in the past, but I may go out and buy colored pens so I can designate a color to each item I write in my planner so it will color-coordinated but not take up as much room as highlighting. It would also look more uniform.

I am aware I am a little OCD and crazy about the way I organize my to-do list and planner. You might also think I'm completely nuts for wanting a to-do list notebook to carry around with me, but that's okay! =)

How do you organize your time, planner, calendar, etc?! Let me know!

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