Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Getting Free Samples...

I have wanted to do this post for quite a while now and talk about how I get free samples. Anyone can do this and I honestly feel like if you aren't getting free samples then you are missing out on some great products. Not every sample I request is something that I will use, sometimes I just request a free sample and donate it or give it to someone who I know will use it. Other times it is great to have a sample size of something I already use or could use in the future.

These are the products I have gotten just in the past month:

I received Clear Shampoo and Conditioner, Essie cuticle oil, Glide floss, Always pad, Voots vitamins, and a clip for a bra. Along with some of these items came coupons that I can use to get the full size item if I like it. In just one short month I received samples of seven products, and I could have gotten more if I was a little more vigilant about it.

So how did I get these samples?

Some of my favorite places to get samples are; and gives you each individual free sample that you can apply for and that is where I find out about the majority of the samples that I request. It is a great to have all the information in one place. is for P&G products only, but since they are products that I absolutely love, that is not a problem. Every few months you can request a box of products, this month I only got two products, but some times you can get more products than other times. Anything free is fantastic though! =) also posts about free products but I feel like their posts about freebies get lost among their millions (exaggerating...) of posts everyday so I prefer to go to other places for my specific freebie information.

Now, get clicking and sign up for some freebies and let me know in the comments if you find freebies a different way!

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