Thursday, July 4, 2013

Happy 4th of July!

Happy 4th of July everyone! My day will (hopefully, if the weather holds up) be full of fireworks, friends, family, and good times. I have enjoyed this week immensely thus far and have simply been relaxing and doing whatever I please! I don't even feel bad about it! Okay, well maybe I feel a little bad...and have tried to throw in a few things off the to-do list that I have been meaning to do, but for the most part I've been just hanging around and doing whatever I want.

Other than a Disney practice on Tuesday (which was followed by a long discussion about what park we are going to when and what rides we plan to go on), I have been able to mostly hang out.

 Roxy and I have been snuggling...a lot!

Roxy also went and got a haircut yesterday, and she is not quite as fuzzy can see the picture above compared to the picture below there is quite a difference!

I did a few pages of scrapbooking (and hope to continue to do more over the next few days...) I am still a year behind in my scrapbook (in June of 2012..) so I need to get more done before I fall even further behind.

Roxy and I also hung out on the porch with mom. My mom read on her kindle while I caught up on some blogs and organized some pictures. Roxy took a nap and got annoyed when I shoved my phone in her face to take a picture...

I hope you all enjoy a completely fabulous 4th of July, whatever it is you do! =)

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