Thursday, July 11, 2013

How I Quit Drinking Soda...and How It's Going

As you're reading this, you might be aware that I wrote this ahead of time because I am in Disney World(!!!). However, thanks to modern technology I can actually write this post a week ahead of time and set it up for you to read today- cool huh?! You'll probably be seeing a lot of these posts when I jet off to France in September....but anyways...

I wanted to write today about my pepsi addiction. I used to be addicted to soda, Pepsi specifically but I wasn't incredibly picky I would have drank a Coke any day of the week as well. 

When I say "addicted" it's not as if I was drinking 100 sodas a week, I probably had 2 maybe 3 on a bad day. I realized I had an issue when I tried cutting down to just one a week and I couldn't. I would go to restaurants and not even think twice about ordering another beverage. I would always order Pepsi. Often they'd ask "Is Coke okay?" and I'd bob my head up and down like a little addict. It was a sad life. 

Finally, I had enough. At some point last year I decided to only drink soda on the weekends. I actually stuck to my commitment and have only recently begun to trust myself enough to also drink soda on special occasions. I have been doing amazing to my standards. I have a whole 12 pack of Pepsi in my closet and I haven't had a sip of the cans. I do not drink soda at home anymore, only when I am other places. I try to only drink water at restaurants if I can help it, (except for coffee places where I drink coffee or tea).

Here are my top 3 tips for successfully weening yourself off soda:

1. Be committed to it. It won't ever happen if you don't truly plan on quitting.

2. Don't drink soda inside your home. If you don't drink it at home, you won't be in the habit of drinking it elsewhere.

3. Make sure people know about it- if people know you are quitting soda, then they will be more likely to give you a hard time about it if you start drinking it.

I also refuse to limit myself when I am allowing soda in my system. If I'm out at a restaurant and haven't had a pepsi in two weeks and want to get my soda refilled three times, I go for it! I am a huge sucker for fountain soda and feel like I'm in heaven when I have a single sip of it. I try to go as long as I can without drinking it, but sometimes I DO have it every weekend, and that's okay! As long as it's not every day like it was before. 

This change in my lifestyle has not only allowed me to up my water intake greatly (usually 6 cups- 8 cups a day or more) but also I think it's a huge factor in my weight loss. Cutting out those extra calories a day has changed my sugar intake for the better and made me a healthier and happier person. I also don't feel quite as sluggish every day like I did when I would drink soda with lunch. After lunch every single day I was hitting a wall where I would become exhausted and have to take a nap or lie down. Now, with water I don't feel like that every day and have overcome that major obstacle in my life. 

Overall it has been a change for the better and I am so proud and thankful that I finally have achieved it!

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