Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Spring Empties!

I am back today with my two months worth of empty products! I decided to hold off and do one of these blogs for two months rather than one so there would be quite a few products to review and for you to check out! So here we go!

My first product is a bit's a mouthwash. I use this Listerene Ultraclean mouthwash and love it! It makes my mouth feel clean but isn't an overpowering taste. I don't like when a mouthwash is so strong that it leaves the alcohol taste in my mouth and this one is perfect for that reason.

I actually didn't finish this Care One Multi-purpose Solution because it expired. It wasn't anything special and I definitely prefer what I'm using now to this one. So I wouldn't recommend this one to contact wearers!

It takes me FOREVER to use up body washes...but I finally finished this Carried Away body wash by Bath and Body Works. I love this scent, it is such a springtime scent- very fresh with a little bit of a flowery smell to it. I am sad to see it go!

Couldn't stand this Aquamarina cleanser from LUSH. I used it a few times but the smell of seaweed was overpowering. Yuck. No Thank You. Trashing this one before it's used up!

Since I learned that aluminum in deodorant is a cause of breast cancer, my mom and I both switched to natural deodorants. I used up the Toms one, but couldn't finish the Jason one because it was just too sticky. I will definitely be purchasing more Toms! I loved the lavendar scent too, it was very natural smelling!

For hair, I went through a small clear scalp and hair therapy shampoo and a large conditioner, rehab shampoo from LUSH, Daddy O Shampoo from LUSH,  H'suan Wen Hua from LUSH and Hello Hydration Shampoo from Herbal Essences.

I was not overly impressed with ANY of the LUSH haircare. It did nothing for my hair and was too expensive. I will not be purchasing any of this haircare from LUSH again. I love my Herbal Essences Hello Hydration- I will definitely be getting that again and the Clear shampoo and conditioner is another great one that works really well with my hair!

I used up a Pink bath bomb from LUSH which I loved. The scent was great and my bath guessed it.. Pink! I would use this one again for sure!

I finished one candle by Bath and Body Works called Poolside. I love this scent it is absolutely delicious- with the smell of sunscreen, sunshine and summer, I couldn't get enough of it! Will definitely buy it again!

I used up the Vanilla Buttercream soap from Bath and Body Works- such a great scent!

One lotion I finished up was Warm Vanilla Sugar from Bath and Body Works which is great. I like the scent but I definitely have other lotions that I like better than this one- it was still great though!

For makeup products:

Maybelline Great Lash- too wet. I just was not into this mascara at all!
Urban Decay Mascara- LOVED this! Such a great mascara, I'm sad to see it go!
Almay Makeup Remover Wipes (Oil Free)- these are such a great product- work so well to get makeup off!
Something Blue Perfume Sample- Yuck. I did not like this scent at all- it kind of reminded me of an old lady!
Caudalie SOS Morning Eye Cream- This was okay, nothing special. I will not be buying the full size
Elf Mascara- This was an okay mascara it definitely got the job done but it wasn't anything to write home about.
Eyeko London Skinny Mini Liquid Eyeliner- I loved this eyeliner! It works really well and is super skinny so you don't have to make a super thick line! I will buy this next time I see it!
Revlon color stay eyeliner- My favorite eyeliner for my water line.
Revlon Brow Fantasy- I liked this product but I am very interested to try out other types of brow products. This one dried up on the liquid side. I could have still kept the pencil, but I am not that attached to it!

I thought I only used up 5 Burts Bees Chapsticks...but after taking the first picture I found another one. SIX! That is out of control right?! I am an addict.

I also used up:

Beauty Protector Leave In Conditioner- I didn't notice a big difference in my hair after using this product. It definitely didn't change anything on my hair so I wouldn't purchase a full size of this
Winter Candy Apple Hand Sanitizer from Bath and Body Works- LOVED the smell of this sanitizer. I will buy this again if I see it next winter!
Davines Beautifying Potion- Nothing too special about this. Didn't really do much to my hair.
Davines Conditioner- Loved the smell of this. Wish I had a bigger sample of it to try!
Eucerin Lotion from extremely dry skin- I used this on my feet and it definitely helped where they crack and callus! I would buy a full size of this if I needed lotion...which I don't!

That's it for this post about empties! I will be back at the end of August with my summer empties!

What products have you used up lately? What did you hate, what did you love?

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