Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Weekend Recap: Wedding Dress Shopping

Sunday was a very exciting day for me, because it was the day I went wedding dress shopping with my best friend! As I mentioned before my best friend Rachel is engaged and she planned for the entire bridal party, her mom and her future mother in law to go wedding dress shopping all together on the 30th of June.

The day started off by picking up one of my oldest and best friends, Brittni.

The drive to Rachel is a little over an hour. We had a great time chatting about anything and everything. Brittni is just one of those friends where anything goes. We laugh all the time, she is the friend that always makes laugh and completely riles me up. My mom used to pack extra napkins for when we had lunch together. I always came home riled up when we hung out together, we definitely would come up with some trouble to cause but we were so afraid of getting in trouble (still are) so the trouble we caused was always pretty tame.

Anyways, we arrived at Rachels around 10am, and were instantly greeted by Rachel and her best college friend Katie. (You may remember when I went to visit Katie in NYC with Rachel). Instantly Rachel cracked open the champagne I gave her as an engagement present and started making mimosas. I honestly always assumed that I didn't like mimosas because I HATE orange juice, but I actually really enjoyed it. I only had one because I still had half a coffee to drink and I was one of the designated drivers since I had to leave a little earlier than everyone else (more on that later) but it is definitely something I would try again.

Once another of Rachel's friends (Angie) and Rachel's future mother in law (Bettie) arrived we headed off to the vineyard where we had reservations for lunch.

The Chamard Vineyard had a cute little bistro where we ate. It was nice to spend time with friends (Rachel's other bridesmaid Kristin met us there, along with her sisters Ally and Sara, and her mom Lisa) but I do have to say that I didn't enjoy the food very much. I got the grilled cheese, but the cheese was weird, and even the salad wasn't really my taste. I prefer less fancy food for sure.

A photographer took photos of us throughout our lunch and we posed for some pictures in the vineyard before heading off to the White Dress by the Shore where Rachel was ready to pick out her wedding dress!

She tried on a ton of dresses and she said yes to the dress!!!!

Obviously I cannot share any of those pictures here on the blog, as maid of honor I am sworn to bridal secrecy! You'll just have to wait till next August for the big reveal =)

We also were able to try on bridesmaid dresses which was an interesting experience. Rachel has an idea of what she wants us to wear, and it's going to probably be a blush color which is a great choice in my opinion. I am so excited to be a part of her wedding and it was truly a perfect day spent thinking about the big event!

I ended up having to leave a little early, because I had a babysitting job to go to which kept me busy the whole night, so I definitely was exhausted by the time I headed home!

Yesterday I took the day to mostly be by myself. After a busy week and weekend I needed some time to relax and not worry about anything but just hanging out. I did clean up and organize a little bit, things got a little out of control while I was running around like a madwoman. I also managed to get some thank you notes written, bills paid, and finances organized. Today, I have to head into work for a Disney practice later on but plan to relax most of the day! =)

I hope you have a great day everybody!

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