Monday, July 8, 2013

Weekend Recap

This weekend started off with a Saturday shopping trip to buy a new camera! I have been thinking about buying a new camera for awhile now and finally bit the bullet. I will go into more detail about my new baby tomorrow =)

Later on Saturday, my dad and I headed off to a local place called Barbers Pond and spent some time kayaking (well I kayaked and he paddle boarded). It was great to get out and exercise a bit and enjoy the weather. It was HOT and I was definitely happy when I paddled into the shade. The pond water was so warm it was like bath water, definitely not refreshing! However it was a beautiful place to try out my new camera! (Which I kept in a ziploc bag when I was not using it)

Dad heading off on his paddle board. I don't think I would have enough balance to stay on that board!

I found a bunny on the shore! I was shocked that even though I'm not the quietest person, the bunny didn't seem to be afraid!

Testing out my cameras zoom, I think this picture came out really nice!

So many lily pads! Gorgeous place to be! There were a ton of dragonflies flying around too.

After getting home, I jumped right in the pool to cool off and then enjoyed time hanging around and finished reading Tina Feys book Bossypants which I will be reviewing soon. I also received news on Saturday that my friend Kayla had her baby boy! So my co-worker and friend Doreen and I made plans to go up and visit her on Sunday....

On Sunday, I had some errands to run, CVS couponing and a few other places so I headed off in the early afternoon to take care of a few things. Then I came back and got Kaylas present together (two packages of diapers and a box of chocolates) and waited for Doreen to come pick me up.

Brayden is truly a little angel. He was given a shot while we were there and didn't even cry! He is a totally relaxed baby and didn't even cry while I held him (which is unusual- babies seem to sense that I'm not truly comfortable with them...Toddlers and older I'm good, but infants make me nervous!)

Doreen and I each got a turn to hold this precious boy who is 6 pounds 11 ounces, a little peanut! We also soaked up the chance to chat with Kayla who we haven't seen much of since she left on maternity leave. She is taking the rest of the summer off with Brayden and then will probably be coming back to work in the fall.

Brayden seemed totally aware of everything that was going on, but completely sleepy at the same time. He kept yawning and stretching but would stare at you like he was trying to memorize your face and take in who you were.

I tried to tell him that I would see him in tumble tot in 18 months (that is when our youngest kids start at the studio) I know Kayla would love to have him join us for class!

Overall it was an amazing time visiting Kayla and Brayden and I'm glad that I got the opportunity to see him just after he was born. I have only met three other babies in the hospital, two were my cousins and one was a family friend, although all of those were YEARS it was nice to meet a new little baby! =)

How was your weekend? Did you do anything exciting?!

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