Sunday, August 4, 2013

A Beautiful Sunday Hike

Hey everyone! I thought I would pop in briefly on this beautiful Sunday to share the hike I completed today.

Last night, my friend and co-worker Kaitlin texted and asked me if I was interested in joining her for a hike on one of the nearby trails this morning. I was busy this morning, so we ended up heading out to the trail around noontime.

I had previously hiked this trail with my dad and if you remember that trip, you will remember that we got completely lost and ended up taking a bunch of wrong turns thanks to his stellar navigational skills.

This hike went a million times better. Kaitlin and I managed to not take a single wrong turn (does that say anything about women versus men and sense of direction?) and we had a chance to do some major chatting along the way.

It is so nice to have a friend who likes to get outside and be active. It is difficult to get together with some of my other friends during the day due to their work schedules and often we meet for dinner or drinks or movies. It is nice to do something outdoors for a change!

We ended up hiking for about 80 minutes, and made it 3.48 miles! We did really well and managed to find lots of interesting things to look at along the way. Neither of us could remember what poison ivy looks like however, so we made sure to avoid touching any three-leaf plants during our trek.

Do you have a hiking buddy? Where do you like to hike in your area?

I just discovered a book that my parents have about different places to walk and hike in Rhode Island and plan on slowly working my way through it!

Now, I plan on getting a little bit of behind-the-scenes blog work done. Big things will be happening around here over the next few weeks. I have been contacted for the first time by a company willing to host a giveaway! So keep your eyes peeled for that =)

I hope everyone is enjoying this ridiculously beautiful Sunday and I will see you tomorrow morning!

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