Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Closet Organization Revamp: After Tour!

This is the last post of my closet organization revamp and I believe I am just about done!

I have a few things I would like to add, such as a basket to hold some of the blankets that I didn't have room to hold in any other basket. However, I think it looks so much better and I am very excited with how it came out.

Before I was done with this project I had to get all the remaining stuff in my closet organized, which was a process. I had quite a few things that needed to get taken out and donated and also items that I needed to find a new home for.

Also, as everyone who loves to organize knows, before you can make it look pretty you need to make a mess first....

Goodbye donations!

Here we go with the final organized space....

I want a basket for these blankets, but for now they will just hang out here on the back of this chair...

My boots were moved out from underneath the shelving, and so was the bookshelf (which eventually will be kicked out of the closet too)

My gift wrap organizer is still working out great and I wouldn't trade it for any other system

I didn't change a whole lot on the actual shelves, other than removing some excess items and rearranging a little bit. However, since I moved my boots, I was able to move my sneakers and crate of flipflops and flats in their place.

There is a ton of room for my skirts, nice pants, and purses that all hang on the bottom rod now that there is nothing underneath them.

I have a doll bed with some of my childhood treasures, my American Girl Doll, my Magic Attic Club Doll, and my Global Friends Doll. I don't want to place these in the attic unless they are in a sealed box, and since I used 20 already, I don't have any empty ones left.

This side of shelving was just straightened up, and a few stockpile items went into attic storage.

Items were moved around everything appears to have more space to breathe.

Looks good, if I do say so myself!

Now for where all those boxes went... See the white door in my closet in the first picture above? That's the attic I've been droning on and on about for the last few weeks!

Everything fits in there quite nicely and will stay there until I move out (which will hopefully be in the not-too-distant-future).

I love this new situation because not only do I know what's in each and every box and where to find it, but I also don't have to worry about it being in my way on a day to day basis.

My closet now looks neat and clean and I will only have to deal with the items in the attic when it is time to unpack them in a new place!

Now a few before and afters for you....

Hope you all enjoyed coming along with me on this closet organization revamp!

What projects have you been doing lately?!

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