Saturday, August 24, 2013

DVD Organization!

I have been toying with the idea of changing up my DVD organization for a long time now. I started to realize just how much room the dvd cases were taking up.

I was inspired after reading Sam's DVD organization  on her blog and decided that this was the time to get this project done!

First thing first- I needed to figured out what kind of dvd sleeves I wanted to put my dvds in. I did a ton of research online, trying to figure out what kind would be best to use. I looked at plastic sleeves, but in the reviews section people were saying that oftentimes they find colorful junk on their dvds after leaving them in the sleeves for too long. I was a little nervous about ordering any after that.

I decided to go simple...

I ended up picking out simple, white paper sleeves by Memorex. I found them at Walmart for just a little over $5 each. This made my project cost only a little over $15 which was not bad at all!

Now here's where we started...

This monstrosity took up quite a bit of room and there were so many dvds, I knew this project would be well worth it.

I took all the dvds out of their cases and placed each one inside a paper sleeve. I labeled each one appropriately, so I will know exactly what is inside. I know, I know, seeing the dvd through the plastic screen is probably plenty- but as a super organized nerd I decided to go for it! (I also alternated colors as I labeled which I'm sure many of you organized friends out there will appreciate!)

I tossed those dvd cases on the floor while I worked. Sometimes tossing stuff while I organize makes me feel more accomplished!

Now check this out.....

Insane! So exciting! Lots of other words that require exclamation points!

Now check out the difference between the stack of DVD cases, and the basket of DVDs next to it...

Crazy right? So much wasted space that is now saved!

Now I have two beautiful baskets of DVDs that are compact, organized and so much prettier then that huge DVD rack I had before!

My next move was to make dividers for the basket so I would be able to find DVDs even faster.

I simply used oaktag so it it extra thick.

How pretty is that?! I absolutely love how this project turned out!

Goodbye DVD rack!

Goodbye DVD cases!

Hello open space! =)

How are your DVDs organized?


  1. I looove your idea with the sleeves and the cute basket you put them in!! And I also like how budget friendly this project was. :) Awhile ago I purchased a dvd organizer from The Container Store (there isn't one anywhere near me) was around $25 and the sleeves hang like they would in a file bin which I just loved. Yours looks just as cute and is a little more budget friendly. :) Have you considered putting a pin it button on your posts? i'd love to be able to pin your ideas so i can refer back to them.

    1. Thank you! I will have to consider putting a pin it button! I hadn't thought about it =)

      I don't have a Container Store near me either- I've only ever ordered online but I can't wait to someday wander around one!!!

  2. Love it, i try to do in my home. My husband have a lot of DVD´s and ocuppy a lot space on the shelves!! i´m mexican and I started with my blog soon :) I invite you to visit

  3. Melissa,

    I loved this as soon as I saw it. Therefore, I think my DVD's and I have a date this weekend! Keep blogging :)

    -Kristin W