Friday, August 9, 2013

Making The Bed....

Do you make your bed???

Even though I pride myself on being clean and organized in most areas of my life- I have to be honest and tell you that most days my bed looks like this....

Yes, dog and all.

I honestly don't make my bed every day because in the morning I am SO exhausted (I am not a morning person at all...) and I don't give myself a ton of time between waking up and having to rush out the door.

Working at a dance studio makes my morning routine very easy on work days. I don't have to get dressed up, and I don't have to do my hair nicely so it's very quick getting out of the house. Normally I give myself a half hour to brush my teeth, put on my workout clothes, throw up my hair, put on some makeup, and eat breakfast. That is honestly all I can handle first thing in the morning- making my bed is hardly a possibility most days. =)

I have heard of several other organizational bloggers discussing how they don't make their bed on a day to day basis. As much as it makes me feel better knowing that other people don't make their beds either-I would like to start getting into the habit of making my bed almost every day.

I found this article which has 10 reasons for making your bed every day and thought it would be interesting to share with you guys. I totally relate to wanting to get back in my bed if it is unmade. It makes it look so much more inviting to get back in and take a nap!

Now, I want to know....

Do you make your bed EVERY day?

Nope! =)

Are you a crazy sleeper and throw your covers everywhere during the night, or is it an easy fix in the morning?

I am a crazy sleeper. I thrash around all night and my blankets go everywhere. I have been known to roll myself up in the blankets and wake up sweating, or toss them all on the floor and wait up freezing.

Have a great Friday everybody! (Weekly Couponing Wrapup will be back next week- I did not do any couponing this week at all!)

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  1. I made my bed every day for about 2 months straight then I got out of the hang out of it, I'm glad to know not everyone is a morning person nor does everyone make their bed. :)