Friday, August 16, 2013

More Bridesmaid Dresses....

Good morning everybody, and happy Friday!

We're finally at the end of the week, and no, sadly there is no coupon wrapup again this week... I am majorly slacking on my couponing lately. Partly because my stockpile is pretty big right now, and I really don't need more razors or shampoo until I use up some of what I have. Also it is partly due to the fact that the deals have been lame lately. I haven't seen anything I HAVE to have that is cheap enough to run to the store and grab. Maybe I will go this weekend, I definitely need to use up my ECB's before I go on vacation!

Anyways, yesterday I had an extremely busy day- working in the morning AND at night, while in between I went bridesmaid dress shopping! As I mentioned previously I am going to be the maid of honor in my best friend Rachel's wedding next summer. In June we went to pick out Rachel's wedding dress, and also looked at bridesmaid dresses during that time. We had one mostly picked out, but it ended up being an issue monetary-wise so we decided to go back the drawing board. Rachel decided that her sisters and I should come up and try on some dresses and just make a decision in a smaller group, so we planned on spending the afternoon at The White Dress by the Shore.

After teaching my morning class, I met up with Rachel's sister Sara and the two of us drove up to Guilford to meet Rachel and her fiance Ant for lunch before dress shopping. Before we went to lunch however, we decided to drive by the house that Rachel and Ant are closing on soon!!!!

I can't believe they are actual grownups! Sorry for the not-so-great view of their house, but I obviously don't feel comfortable sharing their house on the internet...but it seems like a great house! We did creep in the windows quite a bit and it looks absolutely gorgeous inside!

After creeping in the windows, we headed to Ballou's for lunch. I had never been to Balou's before but based on everyone's advice at the table, I ordered a buffalo chicken personal pizza. It was DELICIOUS!

All of us got our own pizza, Ant and I ended up ordering the same kind, while Rachel got the figs, proscuitto, and goat cheese pizza, and Sara ordered bacon, spinach and mozzarella pizza. Everything looked delicious and I ate every last slice of mine.

After lunch, we dropped off Ant and headed to The White Dress by the Shore....

Here is the dress we finally decided on.

I tried to get a picture of the coloring on me in the above picture. I definitely preferred this pinky blush to the other blush dresses we tried on previously. It didn't make me look quite as pale as the others!

Ally holding up the dress. It is chiffon and super comfortable. I am so glad that we ended up choosing this.

It definitely looks pinker when it is not being worn..but I love it and can't wait to wear it during Rachel and Ant's big day!

Today will be far less exciting... it's laundry day! =) However, I do have plans to go to the local fair tonight so I will be back soon to let you know all about that excitement!

Have a great weekend everybody =)

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