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Pandemonium is the second novel in the Delirium Trilogy and in my opinion the most frustrating one. Lena is busy moving about the Wilds with the help of a new group of friends she has found. She is desperately trying to move past the pain of losing Alex who she assumes is dead and she is trying to control her thoughts so she won't think about him anymore.


The leader of Lena's new group is named Raven and she decides to include Lena in a job that requires her to live in society. Lena moves in with her and another member of her group and they start work on a plan to bring down the society and take away the cure. Lena isn't fully aware what is going on, and is shocked when she is captured and taken underground with a spokesperson for the cure named Julian. While they are captured (by a group that wants to take down society and everyone else all together- one that is not looking out for the best interest of the world as a whole), Lena and Julian become very close and bond as they manage to help each other and escape their captors. 

Lena is reunited with Raven, but at the cost of Julian being taken away to an early procedure. However, thanks to Lena taking off on Raven and her crew they realize how important Julian is to Lena and manage to save him as well. 

Once they reconvene at their camp, Julian begins to learn the ways to the Wilds and Lena is glad to have him with her, until Alex appears....

I honestly think that this ending was more of a cliff hanger then the last novel. I was once again, so glad that the next book was already out so I was able to purchase it straight away.

This book was very difficult for me to read because I loved Alex so much, Julian just could not compare. I had a feeling Alex wasn't actually dead, but when he appeared I was so happy even though he seems so angry at Lena. Julian just didn't hold the same appeal for me as Alex did. Alex was Lena's teacher about the Wilds and it seems that Lena is having to take on that same role for Julian and I don't like her in that role quite as much I liked her role in the previous book....

I'll be back next week for my last review on this trilogy!

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