Thursday, August 29, 2013

Postcard Scrapbook

One of the projects I just completed recently is my Postcard Scrapbook. This will be volume 1, of what I'm sure will be many scrapbooks in the future. 

I decided to take every postcard that I have received and scan the backs into my computer and print off a copy of the message written. 

I started off by writing the names of  most of the locations of the postcards on the first page. I just used many colored sharpies and quickly wrote them in.

I wanted this to be a very simple scrapbook, not anything fancy. So I simply taped each piece in and that's what I stuck with throughout the entire album.

I think this was a fun idea, because I can now look back on all my postcards and see the actual postcard picture and the message written on the back. I like the idea of having a book I can flip through instead of having a pile of postcards to sift through.

What do you do with your postcards?

1 comment:

  1. I looove this idea! Such a great keepsake :)