Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Quick Car Cleanup

One of the things that makes my life feel more together than anything else, is cleaning up my car. I'm sure your car is like your second home, because I know that some weeks I feel like I spend more time in my car then I do in my bedroom. 

It is so easy to make a mess in the car, especially if you are doing things like eating on the go, picking up the mail, and throwing items in the backseat. 

I try to regularly pick up my car, throwing trash away as soon as I get home or when I see a trash can in the coffee drive thru. I also try not to leave clothes in my car, and am constantly taking water bottles to recycle out of my cupholders. 

However, every once in awhile I end up with a messy, dirty car and it needs a quick cleanup.

First up, a couple of before pictures....

You can see trash shoved in the side pocket, clearly I'd been to Dunkin Donuts recently...

Water bottles in the cup holder...

dirty, dirty floor mats...

 dirty seats...

bird poop on the back door...

and a ton of stuff in the backseat...

Now the first thing I do when I clean out my car is take everything out. That includes my dance bag (which I keep in the car at all times since it contains all my dance shoes and other things I need for work at the dance studio), plastic bags from shopping, clothes, and everything else I find.

Then I give it a good vacuuming. I LOVE our Dyson and I swear it works magic on any surface. There was a ton of dirt from the parking lot where I work and crumbs from eating in the car. Everything is nicer after a good vacuum.

Next I take Lysol wipes and wipe down the console, cup holders, and every other surface that needs to shine a little bit more.

I know I'm a little bit weird...but then I lint roll the seats. It takes all the dog hair, my hair, and whatever else is stuck on the seats even after being vacuumed.

Finally, I gave the exterior of my car a good scrub down. I use a tiny little bit of dish soap and a ton of water. I have a huge sponge that I also use (that I found one day in our garage-so I'm unsure where it's from- but any sponge will do!), and it really does a great job at getting in all the nooks and crannies.

Now, here we go with some after photos!

Check out that empty back seat! Just one little bag for work on the floor.

Nicely vacuumed floors and lint-rolled seats.

Nothing in the cup holders.. or on the seats

and no more trash in the door pocket!

A nice shiny clean car! =)

Now, you're probably wondering why I didn't include any pictures of my trunk. Well the truth is, I don't really use my trunk all that much. When I did some spring cleaning in my car earlier this year, I shared what was inside my trunk. It hasn't changed at all and all the same things are inside!

Well that's it for my quick car cleanup!

What special things to do you do when you clean your car? How often do you clean your car?

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