Tuesday, August 6, 2013

The Bachelorette and The To Do List

Last night, I headed off to the movies to see The To Do List which was wildly inappropriate despite its organized sounding name. I went with my friend Brittni and her boyfriend Steve and we laughed through the entire movie. I think my favorite part, despite all the inappropriate, sexual references was the fact that it was set in the 90s and since I am a 90s kid I was able to pick up on so many references. Even during the opening credits they had different things that represented growing up in the 90s, like desktop computers with the old fashioned keyboards, and posters all over the wall displaying 90s bands.

I have to say that the movie was hysterical, but I would not go with parents or someone you don't feel like you would be able to watch awkward scenes with. There are several times where I felt extremely uncomfortable watching the movie, but everything awkward was turned into something funny easily. Definitely rated R for a reason...don't say I didn't warn you...

After I got home, I ran straight for my DVR because I had to watch the season finale of The Bachelorette. Well, I for one was SHOCKED with the outcome. I thought there was not a chance that Desiree could possibly pick one of the remaining guys. I thought that either Brooks would come back or she would end up alone. I wasn't shocked when she sent home Drew, he didn't really seem like her type at all. I then thought that she was only going through the week with Chris because Brooks might come back and there would be a more dramatic ending. Then she ends up with Chris and Brooks never comes back?? What?!


I was stunned but also a little irritated that it ended the way it did. I think Chris should feel like he was her second choice. What guy would want that? No one! 

Anyways, After The Final Rose was rather boring I thought. Drew was still sad, Brooks still felt bad, Desiree and Chris are in love, yada yada yada.

Then they announced the next Bachelor.....

Love some Juan Pablo! Maybe I should sign up for the next season....?

Do you watch Bachelor/ Bachelorette? 

Are you psyched to see Juan Pablo as the next Bachelor?

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