Friday, August 2, 2013

Weekly Couponing Wrapup

This week was great in the couponing department since I was able to use a huge stack of my coupons that were about to expire. I did my couponing at Walmart and CVS on Monday, and here's how it went...

At Walmart...

I left with a bag FULL of toothpaste =)

22 Sensodyne Travel Size Toothpastes @ $1.07
used (22) $1/`1 coupons (found at CVS back in April/May)
paid: $3.19 (including tax)


Then at CVS....

I went a little nuts and spent waaaay more out of pocket then I normally would. I just enjoyed being able to get a few items that are not really cheap!

1 Beach Chair @ $13.99 (on sale from $19.99)
1 Turbie Twist @ $6.99
1 Gilette Venus Razor @ $7.29
used $3/1 coupon
final price: $4.29
1 Macademia Deep Repair Masque @ $35.99

used 30% off coupon, taking off $12.99
used $7 in ECB
used $14.15 on CVS gift card

paid: $30.71

So although I spent more out of pocket then I normally would I was able to use my 30% off coupon to save some money on my Macademia Deep Repair Masque which is SUPER expensive but one of my favorite beauty products, so it was nice to splurge on it, and I was able to get everything for less than the Deep Repair Masque costs originally itself.

If you walked in off the street without a plan, these four items would cost you $70.26, but by using coupons, ECB, and Gift cards earned on Swagbucks it is so easy to bring the price down. $40 is a big difference in price, so that is why I advocate for couponing so much on this blog. You can save so much, and the time investment is so worth it!

How did your couponing go this week?

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