Monday, September 30, 2013

Shopping Spree and some Fall Fashion

This weekend I was able to do a little retail therapy with my best friend from college and former roommate Megan.

It was so nice to spend some time hanging out and catching up. I hadn't seen her since May, so we definitely had a lot to chat about!

I have a serious shopping addiction, and I really need to start saving money and stop spending so soon I'm going to start working on some budgeting organization and will hopefully be sharing that on the blog soon!

However, Sunday doesn't count! It is my birthday week after all! =)

I thought I would share (some of) the things I bought here since my main purpose of this shopping trip was to add to my fall and winter wardrobe.

Let's start off in Wet Seal shall we?

I found a lot of really cute things in Wet Seal, but didn't purchase all of them since I unfortunately have not won the lottery or been handed a million dollars by a stranger....but I did get some awesome things to wear this fall...

I purchased two pairs of flats, one brown and one red. I really needed some nice pairs of flats since I had to toss a couple of old pairs when they were worn out beyond recognition.

I really love these flats, the red ones especially and they were both fairly cheap, only $10 each!

I bought this headband for $4.42, and love it! It's definitely way cuter in person- and I can't wait to wear it on a day when I just need to have my hair pulled back.

Since I already was picking up the headband, and Wet Seal had a deal for buy one accessory, get one 50% off so I thought a new necklace would be perfect!

I also had to go to Sephora to get my birthday gift- a highlighter/mascara duo from Benefit! I was so excited when I found out that this was the birthday freebie and I knew I had to go in to get it.

While I was in there, I also picked up the Anastasia Brow Kit, which I have heard excellent things about and wanted to try!

In Hollister I picked up the softest sweater I have ever touched.

It's hard to tell in this picture, I'll have to show it in an outfit because it's quite long. I will be wearing it with black leggings and boots and am so excited to flaunt this fall outfit!

Finally in American Eagle I did some serious damage...

I really needed some long-sleeved sweaters/ shirts for the fall/winter and found a great sweater...

and two soft long-sleeved shirts..

I also picked up a couple of tank tops to wear underneath some of my sweaters that don't cover completely. I was a little wary of the nude tank top, however the more that I thought about it I realized that it was brilliant! Now I can wear something underneath things that need definitely need something underneath but without all the color sticking out and not matching (which drives me crazy).

That's all for this shopping trip- I did buy a few other things, however some I thought might be boring and others I won't share on the blog but I hope this helped if you were looking for some cheaper options for fall clothing. I love to shop and I love clothes but I hate spending a ton of money on one item. I prefer to get a ton of items for my money!

Happy Monday!

Friday, September 27, 2013

Unpacking From A Trip- The Organized Way!

It's always nice to come home from a vacation. Getting back to a routine, back in your own bed and back to friends and family is always nice. However, along with the good comes the bad...unpacking.

I think I hate unpacking more then I hate packing. I try to do it in a semi-organized fashion but it always takes me a couple of days to get everything back to where it should be. I decided to take some pictures and share some of my tips for the organization of unpacking!

My first tip- empty that suitcase! This includes any other bags you have as well, purses, carry-ons, the works. If it came with you on the trip, empty it out. 

Dump everything onto a surface you can easily work with. I always use the floor (and I'll explain why in a minute) to dump everything out of my suitcase and bags, as well as all the mail that accumulated while I was away.

Separate your laundry and get that going!

I like to start my laundry right away. I usually have a ton of clothes to wash so this process takes awhile and should be started immediately!

Make piles.

I sort out everything that I've brought home into separate piles. Some of the piles I make are:

souvenirs, personal items, electronics cords, bags, mail, shoes, accessories, etc...

Oh yes, I did steal all those products from the hotels, I am that crazy person!

Although the piles above don't look neat and tidy, I think that separating everything allows me to put things away easier. I put away each pile individually- making sure everything gets put away where it belongs.

Then as the laundry gets finished- I obviously put that away as well.

Even though my room looked like a disaster for a few days now everything is put away and I am back to having an organized room!

How do you unpack after a trip?

Thursday, September 26, 2013

September Birchbox!

A very delayed Birchbox opening over here... I opened my Birchbox about a week ago when I arrived home from vacation, but have been trying to finish up all my vacation posts first before I did this- but FINALLY here it is!

The theme of this Birchbox is Heritage. What I gathered from the card inside my box is that Birchbox is bringing in products from other countries in order to create an interesting box for subscribers!

The first product I saw inside the September box is the Serge Normant Meta Luxe Hair Spray. This spray claims to make your hair smooth and frizz-free which I definitely need on a daily basis. I will be trying this product out when I wear my hair up and need the frizz to be tamed!

Next up is this Caudalie Hand and Nail Cream. This is supposed to be good to use before a manicure or just as a general hand cream. I have a lot of lotions, but am always interested to try another and see if it's better then the ones I already have.

Funny that as soon as I need a new mascara, one arrives in my Birchbox! I had just decided to chuck the mascara I was using and head to CVS for another, and this Mally Beauty mascara came. I have been using it for a week already, but I will share my thoughts about it in my review- but so far so good!

I love, love, love when nail polish comes in my Birchbox. This Ruffian Nail Lacquer in the color Fox Hunt is a nice orangey hue in the bottle. I love the cute little bottle too- it makes it look even more appealing!

BCBGMAXAZRIA Bon Genre fragrance also came in my box, it's just a tiny little sample and even though perfumes are my least favorite thing to get in my Birchbox, I will still be giving it a try.

What did you get in your Birchbox or other beauty box this month?!

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Last Day in France

After a wonderful nine days in France, we awoke to face our last full day of the trip. It started with mini muffins.

All pastries are better in France. I stand by that statement completely.

After breakfast we met with our tour group and got ready for a walk down towards the water.

The French Riviera is absolutely gorgeous. I am a huge fan of being on the water anyways, but this beach was like something I'd never experienced before.

I didn't realize that the beaches in Nice consist of all rocks- no sand! It was a little difficult to walk on, and I couldn't believe that people were laying on towels at this beach.

My mom was insistent on sticking her toes in the French Riviera.

So she did! She was the only one brave enough to go in the water- it looked too cold to me. It also was very rocky- she said it was difficult to keep your balance in the water!

After our side trip to the water, we headed to the flower market down the street. I wasn't particularly interested in perusing the flower market, but after seeing what it was like, I was glad that I had the chance to see it.

I couldn't believe the number of flowers in one place. The bouquets were so colorful and amazing. It's really too bad that we couldn't buy anything since we couldn't take it with us.

After we left the flower market, it was time to head to Monaco. When we first arrived in Monaco, we were able to go to the palace and see the changing of the guard. It was a very cool experience to watch the guards march past one another to change shifts.

We did a bunch of sightseeing throughout the morning.

We even were able to see the chapel where Princess Grace is buried.

When we were all done checking out Monaco, it was time to meet at the yellow submarine.
Yes, I'm serious.

Our tour guide Jeff kept talking about the yellow submarine and my mom and I could not contain our giggles. Who arranges to meet at a yellow submarine?! All I kept singing in my head all day was that song, "we all live in a yellow submarine...."

Next, we drove to Monte Carlo.

I have to say that I thought the Monte Carlo casino would be way cooler then it actually was. It has about two rooms, that's all. There are also only a few slot machines. I pictured it being way larger, I guess I am spoiled being nearby Foxwoods Casino and Mohegan Sun Casino, but I was very surprised when I saw the inside.

However, I guess the fact that it has real gold plated all along the walls makes it a bit cooler.

No pictures were allowed inside the actual casino which I was really bummed about so you will just have to settle for an outside picture!

Once we left the casino, we decided to grab some gelato.

and check out the super nice cars parked outside...

I'd never seen a Maserati and Jaguar that close before!

After arriving back at the hotel, we had just enough time to change into nicer clothes and meet in the lobby for our farewell dinner at La Bergerie D'Eze.

Dinner was completely delicious. I loved the beef stew and greatly enjoyed the table we were sitting at. It was a wonderful dinner and a great night on the hillside of the Maritime Alps.

Once we all finished dinner, it was time to go back to the hotel and pack our bags since the next day we were heading back home.

It truly was a once in a lifetime experience and I had a wonderful time with my family. I am so thankful I was given the opportunity to travel to France and see a ton of the country in one trip.