Monday, September 23, 2013

Aix-en-Provence and Avignon

Our eighth day (last Friday) started with a drive to Aix-en-Provence so we could take a city tour with a fabulous tour guide named Marie.

Marie showed us all around the city, taking us past many of the local landmarks. Some were historical, while some like the above picture were currently used buildings like the city hall. (Or hotel de ville as they call it in France)

Marie also brought us to the local farmers market where they had delicious looking fruits and vegetables, gorgeous flowers, and locally made products such as lavender.

It was great to get a feel for the city during Marie's tour, however it was also nice to be able to go off on our own afterwards.

The first stop was lunch!

I had coke from a glass bottle (the only way they serve it in France-so weird!) and another pesto. This pesto was not as great as the one from the day before.

After lunch, we did a little bit of shopping on the main streets for Aix-en-Provence which was absolutely fabulous. There were a ton of great shops that I wish I had money to spend in. I browsed a bit in Longchamp and wished that I had money to toss away on purses. Then similarly at Mac, I stared through the windows longingly.

After arriving back at our hotel, my mom, papa and I went to grab a quick pizza together (Vivian unfortunately felt under the weather and decided to head to bed). We walked through the streets of Avignon and saw a sign for a nearby hotel that reminded me of my brother Dan...

After hitting up the grocery store for some soup and other supplies for Vivian, we headed back to the Mercure hotel to get some sleep- since we had another day of travel and fun the next day!

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