Thursday, September 19, 2013

Chateaux de Chenonceau, Amboise, and Vouvray Winery

Our sixth day in France, began with a day was so excited about! 

We had to travel up a long driveway to get there...

Chateaux de Chenonceau!

I love castles and was so excited to visit this chateaux and view the inside and gardens.

The chateaux was beautiful inside and out. We learned a great deal about the history and the love triangle that took place inside. It was an informative visit, and each room was absolutely stunning.

After viewing the inside of the castle, my mom and I took a walk outside in the gardens. The flowers were absolutely gorgeous, and the fountains made them look even more majestic.

Also there was a small labyrinth on the grounds that we had a great time walking through.

After leaving Chateaux de Chenonceau we made our way into Amboise for our lunch stop. Amboise was a charming little town where we were able to enjoy a delicious lunch of pesto penne and do some shopping.

I'm telling you that the pesto was AMAZING. I could not have picked a better meal and it was so delicious. yum yum yum. In fact, I wish I was eating it for lunch right now.

In the shops we were able to find souvenirs with both mine and my moms name on them. My moms name is spelled in a way that makes it hard to find souvenirs with her name on it.

After leaving Amboise it was time to go to the Vouvray Winery for a tour of the caves and a wine tasting.

Since I don't enjoy wine, I just took part in the tour and watched the wine tasting.

The caves in the winery were very cool and it was definitely the most exciting part of the tour. They keep the wine in the caves for a long time and rotate all of the bottles by hand in order to make the wine  mature the way that it is supposed to.

It was our last night in Blois, and we enjoyed a nice relaxing night since it was time to take off very, very early in the morning.....

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