Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Summer Empties!

Happy end of summer everybody! Although I'm not entirely happy about the end of summer, fall is my favorite season and I after a humid summer I am ready to toss on some boots and a scarf. With the end of the season comes an empties post. I have gone through a few products this summer, some from my Birchboxes and some that I bought myself and will share my thoughts on all the products I've used now.

I had a full bag of goodies this season!

Here are most of my hair products. I went through a big bottle of shampoo, a big bottle of conditioner and a small bottle of conditioner. All these products are a part of the Clear Scalp & Hair Therapy line and I love them. I always use more conditioner then shampoo on my dry hair, but this line of products is one of the few that actually seems to work on my hair. I cannot recommend it enough to you, especially if you suffer from dry hair.

I used up two Bath and Body works soaps this summer. Island Breeze was a nice, light summer scent that I really enjoyed. I also liked the Sweet Cinnamon Pumpkin although it wasn't exactly seasonal. I would definitely repurchase both of these soaps in the future.

I liked this Oceanside candle from Bath and Body Works but it definitely wasn't my favorite. I would rather purchase other candles from the store then this one again. I'm not saying that it wasn't a nice scent, I definitely liked it, but there are scents that I liked a lot more. This one smelt a lot like the ocean, which I usually love the scent of but it just wasn't something I loved my room smelling like.

I used up a Listerene UltraClean which is my mouthwash of choice as well as a trial size mouthwash from the Omni Parker Hotel chain that I picked up on one of my visits. I liked that one as well, but obviously it cannot be bought.

I used up four bath bombs. I absolutely loved the Pink Sugar bath bomb from Basin. It was exactly the type of bath bomb that I love to relax with. I will definitely repurchase it in the future. I also used an old favorite, The Comforter Bubble Bar from Lush. It is one of my all-time favorite bath products because it smells exactly like bubble gum. I know that's not what they say on the website, but to me it smells like bubble gum. I also used up two Christmas bath bombs, So White and Candy Mountain. Neither of which I will repurchase since they are not my favorite bath bombs at all.

Some other shower products I used up were the Davines shampoo from my Birchbox which I reviewed already here. The Skintimate shave gel in Tropical Splash has an amazing scent which I am so thankful for since I bought it couponing and have a bunch more containers to use up! The Wonderstruck Shower Gel by Taylor Swift is one of my favorite shower gels of all time. I love the scent of everything Wonderstruck so it was a luxury to have it as a shower gel as well. I also used up a shower gel that I believe I picked up at a Hilton hotel. (Yes, I always always take the free products with me when I leave!)

Some random products I used were a sample of the Essie cuticle oil which I didn't find much of a use for. I don't think I will ever pay money for it because fixing up my cuticles isn't something I do regularly (I liked to leave that to the pros!). I have already reviewed the Fresh Feet Wipes here.
I believe I have already mentioned that I love love love Sensodyne toothpaste. I highly recommend it to anyone with chronic canker sores. I used to get them all the time and now guess who never gets canker sores anymore? This girl! *Knocks on wood*

I went through SIX (yes six!) Burts Bees chapsticks this summer. I have a problem, a serious problem. I can't express my love for Burts Bees in words, but anyone else out there with a Burts Bees addiction should understand where I'm coming from. I finished up two Cover Girl eyeliners in blue. I use to love these eyeliners but now I tend to stick to black. I wanted to finish these up so they didn't go to waste. I used up a Maybelline Define-a-lash mascara which I think just might be my favorite mascara of all time. I don't like really wet mascaras and this one is definitely on the dryer side. I really enjoyed it and will be repurchasing it again in the future. I have previously reviewed the Suki product here 
My favorite that I sadly finished up this summer was the Pink Warm and Cozy body mist from Victoria's Secret. This little baby has been with me for years and I am definitely sad to see it go =(

So that's it, all the products I've used up lately! I will be back again at the end of fall with another post sharing more products and my thoughts on them =)

What products have you used up lately?

Have a great day everybody!

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