Friday, September 27, 2013

Unpacking From A Trip- The Organized Way!

It's always nice to come home from a vacation. Getting back to a routine, back in your own bed and back to friends and family is always nice. However, along with the good comes the bad...unpacking.

I think I hate unpacking more then I hate packing. I try to do it in a semi-organized fashion but it always takes me a couple of days to get everything back to where it should be. I decided to take some pictures and share some of my tips for the organization of unpacking!

My first tip- empty that suitcase! This includes any other bags you have as well, purses, carry-ons, the works. If it came with you on the trip, empty it out. 

Dump everything onto a surface you can easily work with. I always use the floor (and I'll explain why in a minute) to dump everything out of my suitcase and bags, as well as all the mail that accumulated while I was away.

Separate your laundry and get that going!

I like to start my laundry right away. I usually have a ton of clothes to wash so this process takes awhile and should be started immediately!

Make piles.

I sort out everything that I've brought home into separate piles. Some of the piles I make are:

souvenirs, personal items, electronics cords, bags, mail, shoes, accessories, etc...

Oh yes, I did steal all those products from the hotels, I am that crazy person!

Although the piles above don't look neat and tidy, I think that separating everything allows me to put things away easier. I put away each pile individually- making sure everything gets put away where it belongs.

Then as the laundry gets finished- I obviously put that away as well.

Even though my room looked like a disaster for a few days now everything is put away and I am back to having an organized room!

How do you unpack after a trip?

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