Thursday, October 3, 2013


So today I am officially 25 years old! Happy Birthday to me!

Last night, we had a little family dinner to celebrate since I will be working all day today on my actual birthday. I chose to have chinese for dinner which was absolutely delicious and the perfect choice!

I also got TWO fortunes in my fortune cookie which were completely identical, down to the lucky numbers (which are actually MY lucky numbers- weird right?)

That's nice to hear! I'll take it!

For dessert? A death by chocolate cake from Greggs. If you live in or come to visit the RI area and don't visit Greggs in NK and have cake, you will seriously disappoint me. It is delicious.

I highly recommend this cake...

but not for dogs! Sorry Roxy! =)

In addition to my family, one of my best friends Brittni also joined us for dinner which was really nice! Then we headed off to Trivia at the Wood River Inn for some fun game time. Our team didn't place- but it was still a great way to kick off my birthday!

25 feels awful old...a quarter of a century...halfway to 50? Scary stuff!

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