Tuesday, October 15, 2013

An Organization Haul and Some Weekend Projects!

As I alluded to in yesterdays post, I spent quite a bit of time organizing and cleaning this past weekend. My bedroom definitely needed a deep cleaning and I had a few projects that I wanted to start.

I did some shopping at Walmart, Staples and JC Penney's and got some great deals!

I bought a new set of towels on impulse at JC Penney's. I had been thinking about getting new towels for some time, and when I saw these tan towels I knew it was time to upgrade! I wanted something that was neutral enough to match everything I could possibly want in a bathroom.

I showed these bins from JC Penney's in yesterdays post- but I absolutely love them! I think they are so gorgeous!

At Staples I picked up some label maker tape (which unfortunately doesn't fit my label maker and has to be returned) and I also picked up a Staples Better Binder (my favorite kind of binder) which you will see later in this post.

I quickly stopped at CVS, and picked up my FREE birthday present, a spray from Essence of Beauty!

Finally, at Walmart I was only going to grab a power strip but I ended up finding these silver knobs which I knew were exactly what I wanted for my dresser.

As I showed yesterday, here are the bins in their new home. Beautiful, organized and simple- my favorite.

Roxy spent Sunday afternoon hanging out in my bed while I worked.

The bigger bin I bought holds all my blankets and an extra sheet for my bed.

My old towels look so dingy next to my nice new towels! They have been donated and now are out of here!

Here is my dresser before with the old icky gold knobs...

Then the new silver knobs! This is not the end of this project. Eventually I will be painting the entire dresser white and lining all the drawers in order to complete this project.

The old gold knobs were so tarnished- I am happy to see them go! (Little known fact- I hate gold. I don't think that gold looks particularly nice and much prefer the look of silver)

So you might be wondering why I purchased a binder at Staples...

I am in the process of creating a blog binder where I will keep all my information about this little blog. As things are starting to grow around here, I definitely need a place to put everything!

This weekend wasn't all about organization...there was definitely some deep cleaning going on as well.

One of the things I'd been meaning to do for a long time was clean my blinds. They were absolutely disgusting. I need to remember to clean them more often!


I also took down my curtains and washed and ironed them. I also did a deep vacuuming and dusting- even behind the furniture!

Look at all that dust! Man that's embarrassing!

Although I always feel good seeing how much stuff the Dyson has picked up.

To finish off the weekend of cleaning and organizing- I went through some more of the boxes in the attic.

I found quite a few items to donate to the Salvation Army!

What did you do this weekend?!

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