Thursday, October 10, 2013

Off-Season Gardening Supplies Organized!

Okay! We left off yesterday  emptying a shelf in the basement of tons of gardening supplies. The shelf was emptied and cleaned and I was left with a ton of items all over the basement floor. 

Well when you've got a pile of items, what should you do with them? Sort them of course!

I started off small, literally. I took the small items and sorted them into corresponding piles- gardening tools, hardware, gardening gloves, decorations, etc...

Having so many small bins turned out to be a positive thing. I was able to use all the baskets and bins in order to sort items more effectively. I placed each item in its own category and then found a bin to suit that category.

Then I put all the plant pots on the shelf, along with all the decor...

Finally...everything has a place.

Gardening tools have their own caddy.

Some hardware is located in this bin on a close-by shelf.

Gardening gloves and aprons are inside their own basket.

Twine, string, and packets of seeds found a home in this basket.

And the shelves have never looked better....

I even managed to put together a pile of items to donate/recycle.

Ready for some before and afters?

The bottom two shelved before on the bottom and after on the top. Much more organized this way. Now my mom can actually see everything that she has on these shelves and know what she has to work with!
The bottom shelf now has two larger sized pots (that are no longer stuck inside each other- you're welcome mom!) and the fountain I refused to move.
The second shelf up now only houses pots that are arranged by size. I also put the bee-hives and a bird house on this shelf because they fit perfectly. Now everything is arranged so you can see what is there.

The top two shelves. The before is on the top and the after is on the bottom. Much more organized now. All garden decor is located on the second shelf instead of being scattered all over. A basket is
filled with hardware. Meanwhile on the top shelf, there are extra baskets, some garden grow corralled and a couple of extra items on the side- a bird feeder and a wooden box that I have no idea what it's meant for!

Overall, this was definitely a challenging space to make work and it could definitely use to be beautified a little bit. I am excited with how it turned out considering nothing was purchased for this product, and I only used items that I had on hand right in the area!

I'm considering tackling the entire basement this month...but we will see!

What organization projects are you working on this month?!

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