Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Rachel's New Home!

On Monday I spent some time in Connecticut with a friend who has some very exciting things going on in her life! Rachel just bought a house with her fiance Ant and while they are already busy planning a wedding, they now are also working on getting their house ready for a housewarming/engagement party this coming weekend! Crazy people I'll tell ya.

Since I didn't have work on Monday due to Columbus Day, I headed up to help out and brought my organization skills with me! 

Rachel and Ant had been living in their guest room for a few weeks while their bedroom was set up. They still have a few things to do in their bedroom, such as laying down hardwood in their closets, so their guest room is still functioning to hold everything they can't bring into their own bedroom just yet.

Are you ready for this? (I love you Rach...)

Yup. Check out all those clothes. This room is located right next to where they do laundry, and since they haven't been able to put their clothes away in their own closets, everything has been landing in here. We quickly got to work. Rachel sorted out clothes while I put everything on hangers. She came up with a system that worked for her- sorting into tanktops, shirts, dresses, sweaters and long sleeves. Since she will be eventually moving everything from this closet to her own closet soon, I didn't worry too much about color-coding and having everything perfect.

As we worked the room got slightly less crazy...

Since this is a temporary solution and mostly meant to make everything look neat and organized for their party this weekend, here is the final result.

Everything has a place in the closet and the categories can easily be moved into her own closet when that is finished.

The floor is clean!!!

Some laundry that needs to still be done- but getting towards the end of the pile.

Rachel has to wear red every day for work, so she wanted all her red clothing easily accessible and out for the time being.

The only thing left on the bed is Ant's clothing... Now it's his turn!

The next room we tackled was the other upstairs bedroom. This room had become a dumping ground for anything they weren't quite sure what to do with. Mostly these items just needed to be moved out of the way for the party.

and once we finished finding homes for everything it looked so much better!

Then we headed back downstairs to the front hall table...

After a little sorting, and going through the drawers it looked so much better!

I just had to share their Halloween/Fall decorations- so cute!

Look how nice and clean everything looks!

The bookshelves are nicely organized- I took the books and stacked them by size so it would be a little more visually appealing! I'm lucky that Rachel doesn't seem to mind me organizing all her stuff! =)

Quite a bit of trash we managed to gather together in a few hours!

And here we are after the projects were all completed! So happy I was able to help out and organize some parts of her new home! =)

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