Monday, November 25, 2013

A Holiday Gift Giving Printable!

Happy Monday everyone!

Today is an extremely happy Monday for me, I only have a two-day work week followed by five full days off! I am very excited and plan on finishing my Christmas shopping, spending time with my family, and hopefully getting a little reading in during the down time =)

Speaking of Christmas shopping, you might remember my confession in this post. If not, just know that I have a sickness and insist on Christmas shopping all year long. After Christmas you can find me at the after-holiday sales stocking up on wrapping supplies and ornament deals, stashing stuff away for the following year. I get it from my mother, who always hid gifts away throughout the year. If you needed a gift in a pinch, my mom would whip out an array of items that she had stashed in secret hiding spots. A completely brilliant concept, one I've taken upon myself to continue.

So, as I buy gifts it's easy for me to forget what I have, so this year I created a simple gift giving printable that I have been using to keep track of what I have bought and wrapped for my friends and family. It is very simple, but is a little fancier then just writing it down in a notebook. Plus it's a great way to stay on a budget!

Click HERE to download this FREE Holiday Gift Giving Printable!

I hope this helps you continue (or get started) on your holiday shopping!

Have a great day everybody!

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