Monday, November 11, 2013

A Dresser Redo

A month or so ago I decided that it was time to spruce up my dresser a little bit.

If you remember correctly, I went out and bought silver knobs to replace the gaudy gold ones that had been on my dresser forever.

Since those have been replaced I've been itching to get my dresser painted. Well this week is the week that it will be happening and I'm taking you all for the ride along with me!

So I want to start off with a quick before tour of my dresser so you can get an idea of what I'm starting off with, then over the course of the week I will show you the progress made and the different things I'm doing to spruce it up and will share after pictures with you once this project is complete!

Sound good? Okay, deal...let's get started!

You can see above, an overview of my dresser. It has five drawers which has worked very well for me. I'm definitely not fighting for space right now because I keep a very minimal amount of clothing in this dresser. That may change in the future but for now it works just fine!

On the top of my dresser I keep a ton of items, and I would love to find new homes for the majority of them so it wouldn't look so crowded.

This tower houses a ton of products...
The white/clear cases hold my entire makeup collection. The top drawer holds bobby pins, hair elastics and other hair clips. The second drawer holds eyeshadows. The third drawer holds mascara, eyeliners, and other eye products. The fourth holds concealers and face products. The fifth drawer holds face moisturizer, eye cream and foundation. Finally, the last drawer holds lipgloss, lipstick, bronzer and blush.

The basket on top is full of contact solution, makeup remover and suncare items.

I also have my nail dryer, some eyeshadow palettes, lip scrub, and box of mementos housed here.

I have an old candle jar holding makeup brushes, another that is holding miscellaneous beauty supplies and an acrylic container holding q-tips.

My perfume collection also lives on the top of my dresser.

Along with a couple of mirrors and my deodorant.

Now moving onto the drawers....

I won't be showing you my top drawer since it is filled with underwear and bras, not something I want to share on the internet =)

The second drawer down holds all my socks. White socks lined up in the front, soft socks off to the left, Christmas socks in the back right, and my warmies directly in the back!

The next drawer holds all my jeans and work pants...

The next drawer down is a little empty, but it holds my sweatpants and yoga pants that I don't wear to work.

The last drawer down is my shorts drawer.

Now, yesterday I went to Home Depot with my dad who assisted in helping find me what I needed to work on this project.

Paint, paint brush, and drawer liner!

I took a few pictures while I browsed the paint colors in Home Depot (particularly in the Martha Stewart collection)...

I ended up choosing a color called Pure White because that is all I truly wanted, but how beautiful is the blue color I put next to it in the above picture! Future walls in my future home?!

Now, off to get started with this process! I'll be checking back in tomorrow.

Also, I wanted to take a moment to wish everyone a Happy Veteran's Day, and thank all the veterans for everything you do for our country, I truly appreciate it as so many do.

Have a great day everybody!

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