Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Gift Guide 2013

Happy Holidays everyone!

Last year I posted a little gift guide with a few ideas of things you could pick up as presents for your loved ones. I decided to make it an annual post and once again do a blog about gift ideas. Some of the same things will make it onto my list this year I'm sure because there are certain items that I love and have loved for years!

Lets get started...


I love candles, I honestly can't get enough of them. Here are a few places that I like to buy candles for my own personal use, as well as for gifts.

Bath and Body Works
'Tis the Season 14.5 oz. 3-Wick Candle - Slatkin & Co. - Bath & Body Works 
I love the 'Tis the season candle from bath and body works. They say that it smells like a mix of red apples, green pine and golden cider. Personally, I just find it incredibly spicy and love burning it all the time! I have received one of these candles last year for Christmas and held onto it so I could burn it this year and it's almost gone! I love the smell so much I'm considering ordering some others...

Candles by Victoria

I can't say much about particular smells from this brand because the one I purchased is a secret Christmas gift for somebody =) However, They have a TON of scents at the Candles by Victoria website, I would definitely check it out!

Yankee Candle

I don't buy Yankee Candles often because I find them to be pretty overpriced. However, I absolutely love one of their Christmas scents!

Their Christmas Cookie scent is absolutely delicious! This is a great candle to give as a Christmas gifts to friends, family, and co-workers. Who doesn't love a yummy smelling candle?!

Diamond Candles

I know I've talked about these babies before, but only because I can't get enough of them! Diamond Candles is a brand of candles where they put a ring inside the candle. The ring can be worth $10 or up to $5,000! I love having a little surprise inside my candle, although I've only ever received rings that are made in China =)

I have tried several of the scents and can honestly tell you that every single one has been fantastic. They are soy based candles so they really throw the scent into all corners of your home. My mom and I have been gifting these for a few years and everyone else seems to love them too!


I know not everybody enjoys receiving makeup as a gift, and there are a ton of people out there who don't even wear makeup...but if you do have somebody in your life who is a makeup fiend, here are some ideas for them!

Naked Palettes

Urban Decay's Naked palettes are awesome! I own Naked 1, Naked 2 and Naked Basics and can without a doubt tell you that every one of them would make fantastic gifts. 

Recently they just released the Naked 3, and although I haven't had the chance to play with it yet, I can tell you that many girls will be hoping for this to appear under their tree this year!

Hunger Games Makeup

If you have anyone in your life who loves the Hunger Games AND makeup, you are in luck!
Covergirl released a whole line of makeup based on the new movie Catching Fire. There are eye pencils, mascaras, and nail polishes that look like so much fun. 

Nail Polishes

One of my favorite little gifts to pick out for people is a nail polish. It is so easy to toss it in with someones gift or put it in a stocking. I think Essie has amazing nail polish that dries quickly and has great staying power so I would highly recommend picking an Essie color!


Alex and Ani's

I have gifted (and been gifted) so many Alex and Ani's in the past few years and think they are amazing gifts! You can buy just one or buy a few to get somebody started on their collection. They are great bracelets and aren't too pricey which is great!

Inhale Love Etsy Shop

A family friend Kate makes her own jewelry and has the cutest Etsy shop! I previously purchased Tree of Life earrings from her and love them! I have been considering ordering some of the stacking bracelets she has as on her site as well because they would make great Christmas presents for anyone who likes to wear bracelets. They would be easy to mix and match with other bracelets as well.

Tech Toys

Apple Products

I am an Apple girl in all sense of the word. I own a Macbook pro, an iPod Nano, and have been in a relationship with my iPhone for 7 years. I highly recommend all of these items. I have also had the opportunity to play with the iPad and iPad Mini and think they would make great gifts! Apple has amazing products and everything they make is truly top-notch. 

Fit Bit

This is the big item that is on my Christmas list this year. One of my students constantly ran around last year trying to up her steps on her Fit Bit and I have desperately wanted one ever since! Not only do these track the number of steps you take, they also keep track of the number of flights of stairs you go up as well as the number of times you wake up each night. I am so excited to try mine out, and hope that it will get me more motivated to exercise on a daily basis.


I love, love my Kindle! If you have a book-lover in your life the Kindle is the way to go. I was originally against the Kindle and I received it as a birthday present unsure if I would keep it or not. Books are a lot cheaper in Kindle version, and although I still love having a book to flip pages I do love my Kindle!


Divergent Series

Not only is this an excellent book trilogy, the first movie is coming out early 2014! It would be the perfect time to buy this book series for someone. Although it's technically a young adult series, it's similar to The Hunger Games and a great series for all ages!

Delirium Series

This is another book trilogy, which is young adult but would be great for all ages. This one is definitely more geared towards girls however.

The Selection Series

The Selection Series is amazing. Only two of the three books are actually out but they are both excellent!

Odds and Ends


A scarf is a great present to get anybody in your life. It is easy to find a pretty neutral color that is a safe bet, or chose a brighter color or pattern that fits someones personality perfectly.


I am a huge fan of giving ornaments as Christmas gifts. Everyone that celebrates Christmas has a tree and needs to decorate it. It is so fun to see if you can find the perfect ornament for someones personality. I love to pick out ornaments too, there are so many choices =)


In my house we are huge fans of Disney mugs, especially ones that are HUGE. It is constantly a battle over who gets the biggest mugs for tea in the morning. I think most people appreciate a nice coffee mug this time of year since hot chocolate, tea and coffee are popular in the colder months


You all know that I LOVE when my Birchbox arrives every month. I have gifted this to people before as well and find that everyone loves getting this little sample box every month. There are lots of beauty box options out there but I can confidently speak for this one!

Lush Items

Lush is an amazing store, and their Christmas collection is fantastic. I received the Snow Fairy shower gel for my birthday and love the smell. It would be a great stocking stuffer!

Those are just a few items that I can recommend for gifts this holiday season. I hope that this mini-gift guide will be able to help you in some way!

How are you doing on your holiday shopping? Have you completed it already or are you just starting?

I am almost done with my shopping, just a few more items left to buy. I am waiting for a few items to arrive in the mail and then I will have almost everything done. I have been wrapping as I go so hopefully I won't have a ton to do after Thanksgiving!


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