Thursday, November 14, 2013

Putting The Pieces Back Together....

Once I've made a complete disaster of an area, I always am thrilled to put the pieces back together and make a space organized again. 

Yesterday, after a busy morning of scrapbooking with a friend, I came home to fix up my dresser and finish up this project!

Remember when I bought these beauties a month ago? So cheap and easy to find at Walmart, but perfectly simple and pretty.

I carefully put all of the knobs back on all of the drawers, not wanting to mess up the paint.

Then started lining the drawers with my drawer liner. Unfortunately one roll of drawer liner equaled one lined drawer. =(

So back to Home Depot I went...

and 4 more rolls of drawer liner later, I had five perfectly lined drawers sitting on my floor ready to be organized.

I changed up my drawer organization a tad since it will make more sense this new way. I have underwear in the top drawer, socks in the second, jeans/leggings/work pants in the third, sweatpants and workout gear in the fourth, and shorts in the fifth. I used to have workout gear in the third, fourth and fifth drawers mixed in with other items but now they are all together- makes much more sense!

It also looks like I don't have many clothes...

Clearly I need to go shopping for more =)

I am planning on doing a few little things to the top of my dresser and getting everything put back together this weekend.  I also have plans to paint another piece of furniture in my that will be upcoming soon too!

What projects are you working on?

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