Monday, November 18, 2013

Weekend Recap and More Projects...

Hey everybody! I hope you all had a wonderful weekend!

I had self-proclaimed this weekend as one where I wouldn't do much of anything, have lots of time to myself and be able to relax a little bit...well we all know how that goes! Despite having a busy weekend, it was still a pretty good one!

On Saturday I went to see About Time with Rachel (TheShorelineBride) which was a strange, but really good movie. If you haven't seen it and are looking for a chick flick/date night movie then definitely check this one out! It was definitely a tear-jerker at times, but I managed to control myself =)

Sunday, we were hit with some sad news, my papa's girlfriend Vivian had a mini-stroke. Luckily she is okay but is going for testing and hopefully they will find out something that will help.
We were able to have some family time on Sunday, to celebrate my Uncle Craig's birthday at Mystic Pizza.

It was nice to get together with Papa and Uncle Craig and the kids. Especially since I haven't seen them in so long!

What else did I complete this weekend? Well after finishing up my dresser last week, it was clear that I had the painting I moved on to the next piece of bookshelf!

This is what it looked like before. I love the look of my shelves right now..the arrangement of the books is orderly, yet pretty. I know exactly where the book I'm looking for is located, but they are arranged by height as well which makes it visually appealing.

I took a close up picture of each shelf so I will know how to put these shelves back together after I'm done with this project...

I really have been making quite a mess of my room lately. I still haven't finished my dresser project and now I'm adding the mess from my bookshelf project to the floor!

One coat later and a streaky mess. It always looks so disappointing after one coat of paint...

After two coats, I laid the bookshelf on it's side so I could get to the underneath parts of the shelf a little bit easier...

After three coats, it looks so much better!

I used the same white Behr Martha Stewart paint to re-paint this bookshelf and think it looks great! I now have half the furniture in my room white and half is wood. I'm hoping to eventually have all white bedroom furniture since that is a look I absolutely love.

My desk will not be painted because eventually one day I will have an office and the desk will no longer be in my bedroom =)

I have to wait a few days (or a week) to put all my books and items back on my bookshelf because I really don't want to ruin any of my books! So for now, my room is a complete disaster...and I have more projects on my mind...

What projects are you working on lately? Any painting going on where you are?

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