Thursday, November 7, 2013

When my picture print orders come in....

I thought today I would show you the process I go through when I get an order of picture prints in.

Last week I shared with you a photo deal that gave you 101 free prints, and I also received two codes for 50 free prints each. That's 201 photos that came through the mail to me this week... 201!

Now, if you know me, and know how many pictures I take you know that 201 pictures barely makes a dent in the number I take in a single month. However, dealing with 201 pictures at one time is a process, and I know that many people struggle with what to do with their pictures once they arrive at their home. In fact, someone I know has years of their family photos all still in the envelopes they came back in from the photo developing place. I'm talking- two HUGE bins full of envelopes of pictures. When I saw that my heart stopped for a moment because I know there are so many better ways to save those memories!

So here's what I do...

First I start off by laying out all the pictures by event. This particular set of pictures was from my trip to France, so I started off sorting by event, and then after finishing that particular arrangement, I put them in piles by day.

For normal, every day pictures I just place them by event, since I generally don't have more than one thing to scrapbook during a single day.

Once I'm done laying out all the pictures by event/day I put them in individual makeshift folders. I had a pack of paper that had been bought for event programs back in my dance company days, and still have a ton of paper left over so I fold each page in half, staple both sides and tada! My very own folder for each event.

Now, once the pictures are inside each folder, it's time to put the "other" stuff in there as well. For France I had quite a few items that I wanted to include in my scrapbook: ticket stubs, programs, maps, etc... So I sorted all of those out by day as well. (It's helpful to have your events written down somewhere so you can sort more efficiently)

Once everything is in it's individual folder altogether, it is time to file it away until I'm ready to work on that particular scrapbook.

I use a basket that I found at Target a few years ago to hold all my "to-be-scrapbooked" folders.

Yeah... it's getting a little tight in there...might be time to get scrappin' again!

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