Monday, December 23, 2013

December Birchbox Review

When I opened the December Sparkle and Shine Birchbox I was very excited about the products that I found inside….

Now, I'm back to share my thoughts on these products with you!

I had never tried a polisher before, so I wasn't quite sure how to use this product. After showering and washing my face, I took a small amount of this and rubbed it all over my face. Then I followed it up with my regular moisturizer. I didn't notice a huge difference in how my skin felt, but it didn't harm my skin in any way. It was a nice little sample to use, but definitely not something I find to be a necessity!

This Toni and Guy hair product was meant to give beachy waves. I didn't get amazing results from this product, it left a bit of product in my hair (drying it into clumps…) I need to test it out some more to get better results I think. I am not planning on giving up on this product, but it was definitely not my favorite in this Birchbox!

This hair band is my new favorite hair elastic! It is a lot gentler on my hair then a regular elastic is, but it still holds everything in place. I have been using this pretty much every day. It still leaves a little bit of a wave in my hair after having it up, but not quite as extreme as a normal elastic does. This was definitely my favorite item in this months Birchbox.

Ugh it's so frustrating when something you think will be so good turns out to be awful! I don't know if this mascara was old or something was wrong with the formula, but nothing would come out! I was so irritated as I tried to apply it to my lashes and it wouldn't work. It was completely dried out. I know I said I liked dry mascara, but this just didn't work for me! Bummer because I love getting mascara in my boxes...

The last product I was not a fan of from the beginning, but I decided to give it a try anyways. Dr. Lipp's nipple balm for lips was basically like putting vaseline on my lips. I was pretty grossed out, but wanted to try it for the sake of this review. I put it on my lips before going to bed so I wouldn't notice it for long however when I woke up in the morning my lips were completely dried out!
I did not want to try it again because I'm sticking to my Burts Bees. I've said it a million times but I'm addicted to Burts Bees and don't want to try any other lip products! Maybe Birchbox will listen this time =)

So overall, I was not a huge a fan of this particular Birchbox and hope that I get a better box next month!

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