Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Decorating for Christmas Day 3: My Bedroom!

Welcome to day three of Decorating for Christmas! 

Today were talking about my personal bedroom and a few little touches I like to add to my room to make it a bit more festive!

I just want to preface this by letting you know that I have a TON of Christmas decor...but unfortunately I don't have a ton of space to decorate so only a few of my decorations make it out of the boxes I store them in every year =)

I love my Countdown to Christmas ornament but i never actually use it as an ornament! This year Santa sits right near my tv so I can walk past it everyday, give it a tap and it will light up and show how many days are left. This picture was taken awhile ago obviously =)

I love this angel that sits near my door.

My small pink tree sits on top of my jewelry armoire.

Yes, I have an elf on the shelf! He doesn't have a job yet, but someday I'll get to enjoy watching him cause mischief for my kids!

Here is one of my bins as I was setting up. So many things inside!

I set up a ton of Christmas stuffed friends underneath my tree.

I also have this nice advent calendar that my mom found for me last year. I love Disney, so I was excited when she gave it to me. Every time a door is opened another character appears which is super cute.

I also have a 6 foot tree in my bedroom. Yes, I know I'm crazy! I have a ton of my own ornaments so I like to have my own tree separate from the family tree.

Finally, I have some snowflakes on my windows. I love these sticky snowflakes I found for $1 in Walmart!

Do you decorate your bedroom for Christmas?

Come back tomorrow to check out how the rest of the house is decorated for the holidays!

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