Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Old Candle Jars

One of my favorite decor items is something I frequently make myself and thought I would share with you today on the blog.

For these decor items I take my finished candle jars and clean them out. I took step by step pictures to show you guys exactly how I clean out my candle jars because I have done a ton of experimenting and this seems to be the easiest way to get all that wax out!

I had three finished candle jars to clean out this time.

The first step is to boil some water. Since this takes awhile you can empty the dishwasher, load some new dishes in, fold some laundry, and change the laundry loads...or just hang out, you don't have to be quite as productive as I was =)

Next I fill each candle jar almost to the top with boiling water. You can see the steam rising in the pictures above.

Now, you must wait for the water to cool. Almost instantly you will see wax start to rise in the water- but don't do anything with it until the water has cooled.

It takes awhile, so I usually let them sit for about an hour or two. I check on them often because it is really cool to see how it changes throughout the time.

Finally, when they're cool you should see a layer of hardened wax on the top of each jar.

You can pull that right out.

Now, sometimes there is a little bit of wax left in the bottom...

I usually get a plastic knife and make a few cuts and the clumps come out very easily.

So much wax, which I'm sure you could do something with if you are the creative type. I'm really not that great with arts and I just throw it away.

However, I am really good at the next!

I wipe each jar down with a paper towel...

Then use Windex wipes to make sure they are extra clean!

They look so nice when they are all clean and shiny!

I bet you could guess what I planned on putting inside...

Some shells and beach glass picked up on a local beach!

I have a bit of an obsession with "shell jars" as I call them. I collect a TON of shells and beach glass and spend quite a bit of time combing the beach for treasures at all times of year. Here are the ones that are currently displayed in my bedroom...

I personally love them! However, you could use the jars for so many things. I showed how I use them for makeup brushes and perfume samples. I also use one for bath salts in the bathroom. I think it's a great option to reuse an empty candle jar, rather then trash them. It's also more cost effective then buying jars when you can just use some you already have!

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