Monday, December 2, 2013

Thanksgiving Day Recap!

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I hope you all had a fabulous weekend with your family and friends! I also hope you had a fantastic Thanksgiving =)

Mine was great!

We started the day with my dad and Roxy snuggling away on the couch. My mom and I were running around cleaning and getting everything ready since we hosted Thanksgiving this year. My dad kept Roxy company. She tends to love on whoever is staying the stillest. =)

Here is our Thanksgiving table...

The table looked really nice. We are believers in the less clean-up the better, so we used plastic silverware and paper plates. I think it still looks just as nice.

My mom always buys the BEST Sweenors Chocolate Turkeys! Love these things!

All that food...yum!

As we got ready to eat, Reindeer Roxy made an appearance...

How cute is she?!

Then it was dinner time.

I cleared my plate, everything was so delicious.

We had a new little visitor this Thanksgiving..

Meet Eddy. He is my Grammy's new little dog. Roxy was not a fan of him! She growled at him and tried to chase him from the yard..that little girl knows how to hold her ground.

Our sibling picture, because we consider Roxy to be our sister! Notice how she has changed outfits, from the Reindeer costume to her Patriots jersey. That girl loves her clothes.

Overall it was a lovely, low-key day spent with my family. I had a great time catching up with everyone and once everyone left I did some online Christmas shopping and was very productive crossing things off my never-ending to do list!

Tomorrow I'll be sharing my Fall Empties post, sharing my thoughts and reviewing all the products I finished up during September, October and November. See you then!

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