Wednesday, January 29, 2014

January Birchbox Review

Today I'm sharing my thoughts on my January Birchbox with you! I enjoyed trying the items in my January Birchbox way more than I initially thought I would, so I am thrilled to tell you what I thought of each item.

I'm not starting off great by telling you that I did not try these teas. I was slightly tempted to try them because the Birchbox card stated something about the royal family loving this tea. I may try the mint tea eventually, but I really doubt I will try the peach and passion fruit. My friend Megan (who I gifted Birchbox to for her birthday) said that she received three teas in different flavors. She hasn't yet used hers either- so I really have no review for you on this, but I will let you know if I change my mind and try either one out!

I wasn't sure about this Serge Normant dry conditioner- but I am so glad I had the opportunity to test it out. Over the past week on days where I don't wash my hair I spray a bit of my Klorane dry shampoo in my hair, brush through it and then spray this dry conditioner in and brush through my hair again. It has been making my hair really soft and giving me even nicer second day hair! I'm not sure I would repurchase this because I don't feel that it's a necessity, however it is definitely a nice product to have around!

I absolutely loved this Midnight Monarch lotion. This lotion is so creamy and thick and  I mostly used it on my super dry skin (my feet) and my hands several times a day. When I start getting through the lotions that I already have, I may take a look at this and pick up a full size- but I need to use up the insane amount of lotions I have first!

The 100% Pure Mascara I was so excited to try initially. I love the idea of having pure products that don't have a ton of chemicals in them. This mascara didn't do anything for my lashes. It separated them so much that they looked horrible- I was not a fan. However, I started layering this with other mascaras and it was a little better.

Oh La Fresh nail polish remover pads. I wanted these to work so badly.

One pad took four fingers of my nail polish- not all ten like it promised. Fail. Back to regular nail polish remover for me!

Have you tried any new products lately?!

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