Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Less Stuff= Less Stress

Happy New Year everybody!

I like to start the new year off with a clean slate and this year I decided to adopt a new motto. Less stuff=Less stress. I am trying to get rid of the clutter in my life. It is so easy for things to get completely out of control, to have insane amounts of stuff and I don't want to live a life like that. I want to only keep what I need and what I love, there is no reason to have tons of excess. 

Last January I showed you how I tagged all the hangers in my closet and in November I gave you an update on how it was going.  

I donated quite a few pieces of clothing throughout the year, but now there were items that had tags and I knew I wouldn't be wearing them again since I hadn't worn them through the entire year. 

So I dumped them!

and counted them! 21 items (just hanging clothes) that I hadn't worn all year long. It's amazing that there were so many items hanging in my closet all year long that I never wanted to wear. I never thought about these articles of clothing, but now that I seem them in front of me I can't believe I continually held on to things that I never wore.

I also found a few t-shirts that I decided to part with. Now my t-shirt bins are no longer overflowing!

Much nicer!

Next it was time to tackle my scarves...

I found two scarves to donate!

I also found a TON of other items to toss into the pile of donations. Towels, hats, bags, purses, wallets, swimsuits, etc…

I put together a couple bags for the Salavation Army, and put aside a few items that I wanted to sell on E-bay.

I also found a few old jewelry items that I never wear. Mostly diamond candle rings that aren't worth anything, jewelry I made with the kids at work, some old charm bracelets, and a Wet Seal watch I've never even worn.

Everything is all ready for donations! My dad and I have already been to the Salvation Army to share this with people that may use these items. I love knowing that these things are going to people who will actually wear them/use them every day.

So throughout the year, I plan on continuing my donation plan. I donate items regularly, but throughout this year I plan on going through all my things often and getting rid of the clutter! Anyone out there with me? Less stuff = Less stress!!

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