Tuesday, January 21, 2014

My Current HUGE project...

One of the projects I've been meaning to get to for the past few years awhile is changing over all my VHS tapes into DVDs. 

A ton of my home videos were filmed on this Sony Handycam (circa 2002)….

This little baby holds some of my dearest memories throughout high school and college. I don't want these memories trapped on here forever- so I'm slowly transferring them over one at a time. (And by slowly I mean it took me two days to get one video done…)

I also have TONS of VHS tapes...

Underneath my TV, there are years of VHS's, from dance recitals to special events. There is also a whole other collection of VHS's that have family memories from when I was young. I would like to transfer all of these to DVD so I get get rid of the bulky VHS tapes, and be able to watch all of the memories!

How am I doing this you ask? I'm using a Roxio VHS to DVD converter. I have the mac version of the software and although it takes quite a bit of time, I'm pleased with the results so far. I will keep you updated on my process and how I feel about the program as I continue working on this project.

My goal is to have this entire project done by the end of the year! Ambitious? yes. Attainable? I hope so!

Has anyone ever done this before? What was your experience like? What program did you use?

Have a great day everybody!

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  1. I think we will need to have a viewing party when you are done! There is some QUALITY footage on those I'm sure!! :)