Wednesday, January 15, 2014

My Fitness/ Organizing Blog Inspirations!

Happy Hump Day everyone!

Wednesdays tend to be my favorite day of the week, since they have been my day off for the past few years. There's something refreshing about having a day off in the middle of the week. I'm always able to get so many things done while everyone else is at work. =)

I thought that today I would share some blog-lovin'! I read so many blogs, that I honestly have trouble keeping up with them on a daily basis but wanted to share some of my absolute favorites in case you're looking for a great read.

Favorite Fitness Blogs

My first and favorite fitness blogger is Julie over at PBFingers. Julie's blog is the one that inspired me to start my own blog and she is also the one who inspired me to focus on my fitness and healthy eating. I honestly think that if I met Julie in real life we would be such good friends, she seems like such a sweet girl! If you are looking for some rockin' workouts and great tips on getting and staying health, head over and check this girl out!

I also love reading Jess's blog, The Blonde Ponytail. Jess has some great workouts, and talks a lot about her new daughter Jada who is adorable! 

Organization Blogs

Sam, over at Simply Organized  shares a ton of great organization tips. Her blog is one of the first ones that I read. Sam organizes everything in a simple way (hence the name of her blog) she makes the organizational process less-complicated and easy for readers to follow her lead! 

iHeartOrganizing, written by Jen is another favorite of mine. Jen has a huge catalogue of organization posts and does some beautiful decor work that I admire so much!

I read Erin's blog, Sunny Side Up regularly. She has a ton of great posts, and always shares details about her kids, that are hilarious! I love when bloggers make their blogs personal, and Erin definitely does that!

"Other" Blogs

My BFFL, Rachel, started her blog The Shoreline Bride and I love reading it! She is bringing readers along on her journey of planning her wedding, and since I am a member of the bridal party I love reading about every detail.

My favorite YouTuber, Elle Fowler, has two blogs. I heart you coffee and Dreaming in Blush are both excellent lifestyle blogs. Elle doesn't blog very often but when she does it is always worth a read!

I was kind of obsessed with Sean Lowe when he appeared on The Bachelorette (and also when he was The Bachelor) so I started reading his sister Shay's blog, Mix and Match Family, and I never stopped. Shay writes a ton of interesting posts that I really enjoy!

What are your favorite blogs? Do you read blogs every day or just once in awhile?

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  1. Hey MOH! Thanks for the shout out :) and for keeping me on track - less than 7 months to go! Thank god for your list. SO looking forward to next week!