Tuesday, January 14, 2014

My Organization Binder

I have shared my organization binder on this blog before, but I often switch things up, and just love the way it's looking right now so I thought I would share!

When you open my binder you see a few things inside the front flap of the binder. I have my laminated cleaning schedule tucked in there as well as the 52 week money challenge that I'm hoping to complete this year. There's also a couple gift cards I need to use and some post it notes, which I seem to use every day! =)

My dividers for this binder are labeled as; lists, making money, bill payments, budget, spending log, savings log, fitness, gifts, addresses, and inventory.

In my first section I have quite a few lists which is appropriate since that the title of this section. I have a list of projects to complete, and lists of items donated to the Salvation Army.

Below, you will see my list from Samantha at Simply Organized organizing my scrapbooks to complete.

I also have a list of items that I eventually want to use in quilts. I plan on either making or having quilts made containing items from my dancing days and my days at URI. I have quite a few t-shirts, costumes, and other clothing items that I have stored away for this future project so I want to keep them organized.

In my Making Money section, I use this printable to keep track of my money made through e-bay, paychecks, etc..

In the Bill Payment section, I use this printable to keep track of what bills I have paid and what bills I still need to pay.

Monthly Budget is just that, a monthly budget. I try to budget out my money every month so I won't spend enormous amounts on things that I actually don't need.

I also use my spending log to keep track of every purchase that I make. I like to do this so I can add up everything I spend and see if I'm on track with my budgeting.

My Savings log is where I keep track of the money I've been saving in my savings account.

In the Fitness section, I keep a bunch of fitness inspiration including magazine articles and workouts I've written down from different websites, blogs, and pinterest.

I did not include pictures of my gift section because you have already have seen this previously, and it has not changed. I still use the same gift tracking printable.

I also did not include pictures of my address section. This is simply because I have addresses for friends and family in this section which I cannot share due to privacy reasons. I also have my address labels in this section, which I can't show you for my own privacy!

My last section is my inventory. I have so many boxes stored away in the attic, kitchen stuff, childhood items, etc.. and I want to know what is in every last box in case I want to find something. I also keep track of my DVD collection, books that I own, etc. I am just crazy OCD! =)

This is where this little binder lives, with my Blog binder and my Coupon Binder. Just a little thing that keeps my life a little more organized!

Do you have an organization binder? What kinds of things do you keep organized in your binder?

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